Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WOYWW 190 -- New Stuff!

I'd like to welcome my latest followers Wilson Tom and Sweetie!  Thank you so much for joining in the fun.  I know there are lots of blogs out there and the fact that you've chosen to follow me really makes me smile!  Thank you!!!

Welcome to  WOYWW! What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday is hosted by Julia from Stamping Ground.   If you want some inspiration - on projects or how to organize your crafting supplies (or not) then go on over.  It's so much fun.  And who knows, maybe you'll join in!

You know that saying "Out of sight out of mind"?  Well, I'm finding that to be so true with my crafting supplies.  I've done such a good job of "hiding" what I have that I find myself needing to buy more!  
Sari silk ribbon, paper, plastic shower curtain
(so I can really make a mess), ribbons, Distress Ink, rubber mat,
tool that you use to make faux sewing on paper, some embossing folders
There's some new things on my desk.  I found a place where I can buy sari silk ribbon!  Yay.  There's a new store in town called "The Perch Paperie."  Later in the week I'll write a post about a class I took there on Monday.
I have a new member of the family.  I've been battling with the decision to get Katie a little playmate.  I wondered if it was the right thing to do or not.  Katie and I went to the Shelter a few weeks ago and met Muffin.  She's a four year old poodle and she's a little cutie pie!  She's wearing the collar as she has some issues with a sore under her chin.  We are hoping that it's not allergies.....

Like always, I'll visit those that end in the same number as me and those that leave a comment here (please leave your number).  I hope you all are having a crafty week!



sandee said...

I had to giggle at the cone, I saw on Pinterest a sign outside a Vet's office that read : "It's all fun and games until someone brings out the cone." lol Poor baby! I found a real art store ( vrs. a store like Michaels ) called The Starving Artist....it's going to be big trouble for me! HA! Looks like you had a fun shopping day! Thanks for visiting my desk, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

JoZart said...

Awwwh, little cutie and I hope the two of them settle in together.
The goodies on your desk look so desirable... we never ever have enough!
Thanks for visiting!
Jo x

Almo said...

Hi Kay, Looks like you have some lovely stash on your desk and what a cute little dog. I have just had a nosey at your older posts and I love your New Year Owl I just adore owls. Happy WOYWW Hugs Mo x

Jackie said...

Oh you have lots of fun things on your desk
Nice paper stack you have and is that a sewing handle and thread?

Ria Gall said...

Love the new bits on your table and know the feeling of forgetting what we have becasue it is out of site.
New addition is adorable
Ria #92

Andrea said...

Hi kay thanks for visiting and your kind words . fab goodies I do love a good haul of new stash was intrigued when you said shower curtain !!. the dog looks soo cute I hope it settles in and everyone gets along hope you have a wonderful week Andrea#6

lisa said...

I love the new family member, Kay, what a cutie.
That new stash is looking very interesting too. Is that some basic grey paper I spy and what are you going to use the shower curtain for??
Hugs Lisax #60

pearshapedcrafting said...

Now are you sure you needed all that lovely stuff on your desk?!! Only joking - of course you did and I'm sure you'll have fun using it! I can always find a craft shop in a new town - hubby says he's sure I look them up first (well, maybe occasionally!) Poor little dog with that cone - hope it's off soon! Chris@ 86

pearshapedcrafting said...

Now are you sure you needed all that lovely stuff on your desk?!! Only joking - of course you did and I'm sure you'll have fun using it! I can always find a craft shop in a new town - hubby says he's sure I look them up first (well, maybe occasionally!) Poor little dog with that cone - hope it's off soon! Chris@ 86

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Kay
I know what you mean about out of sight. I think that is one reason i 'sort' so much ... so i remember what i have... not thst i use it all mind you. Your new addition looks really cute

Daniella said...

I love your creative chaos!! And hello to your new member, Muffin!! She looks as cute as cute can be for sure!!!

Lavinia said...

HI Kay ;) have you been in Michaels or Hobby Lobby or both??? OOoo I loved those store you have in the US, lucky you having a good haul on the desk very nice items! I have the same Cameos & the Sari ribbon is to die for! Beautiful, now shower curtain???? mmmmm I want to see what you going to do with that, will it be on the floor crafting or desk get very messy with paint? Cant wait to see! Just getting wedding pic's on a disk at the phot shop so will be posting soon! Hvae a great week Kay!

scrappymo! said...

I had to have a giggle at the shower curtain. Is that so if you have a showing you can just roll up all the crafty goodness and hide it under the bed!
How goes the house sale? Don't know what the market is like where you live...maybe it takes a while...
The world is so different from when houses flew off the shelf in hours. I still remember when we sold our townhouse a couple of hours after we listed! Those days are gone now, I think.

You have lots of fun things out to play with...happy crafting!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for welcoming a new friend to your home. I love animals and so many go to a shelter, because people....
don't know what they are getting into. My new direction LABELS..I need to LABEL containers. Happy WOYWW and have a fun week.

Redanne said...

Oh Kay, Muffin is adorable! Hope her little problem soon disappears, it must be horrible wearing a cone but she does look cute in it!

Love all your new stash, intrigued as to what you will do with the sari ribbon...... I hid the worst bit of my failed project so it cannot be seen which is why you couldn't find it...... Thanks for your visit. Hugs, Anne x #57

RosC said...

I know the 'out of sight' business very well indeed, Kay. It's such a nuisance in my life. Nice bits & pieces on the desk, not to mention the cute Muffin. Hope the skin problem settles okay.

Thanks for your comment too.
Ros. #3

Laura said...

I promise I read the whole post... but I can't remember anything other than the cute Muffin! Hope he/she settles in soon
Thanks for stopping by

Lisa said...

Cute doggie. I'm sure it will be a wonderful addition to your family. The sari silk looks so luxurious, I'll have to see about that...Thanks for visiting my desk. LisaDV #116

trisha too said...

OH yes, you are so right about the "out of sight, out of mind"/art supply theory . . .

Happy WOYWW!
:)trisha #164 this week
and a little late!

okienurse said...

Whats sad about the out of site out of mind thing is when I go and buy it because I have needed it for a while I come home open and start using the new and find the old has come back. Sweet baby you adopted! I want a dog but DH says no! Hope her neck gets better soon. Have a great week. Vickie #35

Lunch Lady Jan said...

As, Kay, I can see why you brought Muffin home with you..what a sweet little dog. Hope you all get on famously together!
LLJ 37 xxxx

BJ said...

Super new stash. I seem to have acquired so much lately I have run out of places to "hide" it! Last lot mostly still in delivery pizza box! BJ#27

Di said...

Huh, I was SURE I'd commented Kay - finger trouble here perhaps. LOVE Muffin and wishing you many years of joy together. Love and hugs, Di xx

Valerie said...

Hi Kay,
Your new pup looks like a cutie. I hope she'll be out of the cone soon. I'm sure she'll be a nice playmate for both of you!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Shopping is always fun!!! I have that mat and several of the "blades" and you know what....I haven't used it yet!! Thank you for the reminder, lol!


mark gould said...

awww muffin is a cutie, poor thing in the cone of shame.
thanks for the comment on my blog, the man is edgar allen poe by the octopode factory, she does both rubber and digi images, not sure if he is available in rubber, they are very good at getting back to you.
the bats were bought from simmon says stamp, can not remember what company, it was part of a sheet of halloween images, they are the perfect atc size.thanks again and happy crafting x