Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gangster Squad - Movie Review

I must confess, I love gangster movies!   Yes, Ryan Gosling is one of the leading men in the film.  This may actually be the first movie of his that I've seen.  I've been pinning his image for a while now.  He looks great in a suit and tie!
I went to see "Gangster Squad" and loved it.  Yep ladies, there's lots of eye candy here.  Great action scenes and testosterone overload.  I must admit, I did close my eyes at certain parts.
The movie is based in Los Angeles in 1949, when east-coast gangster Mickey Cohen has plans of taking over the entire state with his drug, prostitution and gambling empires. The city's Chief of police has had enough, so he creates the gangster squad - not exactly legal - to take Cohen down. 

It's said that the movie is based on facts.  Go HERE to read an article about the famous gangster.  The article was written by Tere Tereba, who has also written an auto-biography.

It sounds as if the movie is pretty accurate.  Evidently he hung out with some of Hollywood's royalty, not to mention successful politicians. 



Marianne said...

this is on my list. I love gangsta flicks too.

sandee said...

I wouldn't mind seeing, just to see Ryan in waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Micaella Lopez said...

Typified by Penn's blustery performance, Gangster Squad is sleek, stylish but superficial. Easy on the eye, even easier on the brain, it doesn't last long in the memory.
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