Sunday, January 13, 2013

Knitted Baby Bib

This project is easy peasy.  I just modified my dish/face cloth pattern a bit and woo hoo - a baby bib.  Or, you can put a lobster on it for those nautical food messes!

I used 100 percent cotton yarn and size 6 needles.  I may go down to size 5 needles to make it a tighter fabric.  If I do this then I'll add another ten stitches.

Cast on 40 stitches.  Knit every row for about eight inches.  Bind off 30 stitches.  You should have 10 remaining stitches on your needle.  Continue knitting every row for around nine to 10 inches (this is the neck piece).  Knit four stitches then add a yarn over button hole.  Knit several more rows.  Bind off.  Weave in ends.

Add a cute little button and call it done.

I've been thinking about the button.  Once the cotton shrinks then it may be too tight to actually use the button.  What I think I'll do on the next one is make the neck piece longer and attach it.  Then I could add whatever little embellishments I wanted to.

I took the photo today.  You may be able to tell that it's overcast here today.  Snow is expected (10% chance today with a 30% chance tomorrow).  Could it be asking for too much for a snow day?!?



Connie said...

How adorable . . .I can see wearing it under the neck of a coat on a cold winter's day, too.
Very sweet and very cute :)
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

sandee said...

Very cute, adorable bib...might need one of those when I'm 90, lol You have a chance of snow and we have 70 degree weather...sheesh. I really, really want some snow! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Victoria said...

Oh how cute!! I love how you say this was so easy... if I try to knit, I drop stitches and it all unravels.

Di said...

Fabulous Kay - just add a baby and we're off - love it! Hugs, Di xx

Di said...

Di again - I have another very similar stamp called 'Lavender Scene', also half price or less, which doesn't have the grapes (re. the post today you commented on) - they do a little range of these scenes I now know.

No snow here as yet - haaaa, we're all stocked up and have the snow pushers handy........seems that's what's keeping it away :))

Hugs, Di xx

May said...

This little bib is so cute..We are expecting snow in the UK... my area none yet!! but it is Brrrr this morning... Hugs May x x x

Tamika said...

This is beautiful Belinda!

Anne said...

Hi Kay sorry I'm so late. I have my mum stopping this week and this has made me even later than usual :-) I really love the bib. We have lots of snow here at the moment. Thanks for visiting. Anne x #137