Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tulip bathing

No, this post isn't R rated and is approved for kids!  Tulip is my yellow sided green cheek conure.  I've had her since November and she has definitely made herself at home.  I just get a kick out her.  I've been whistling to her and she's answering me - sometimes as off key as I am!!!

She loves hanging out in the kitchen with me and supervises the making of her morning meal.  She also loves bathing.  I've caught her bathing in her water bowl in her cage at least once a week.  So, this past weekend, while making her meal I put about an inch of lukewarm water in a plastic container and showed it to her.  I splashed my fingers around in it and then she took a few sips.  After that she jumped in!  Isn't she just adorable!!!

Look at that tail action!

I hope Tulip brought a smile to your face.  She definitely makes me smile!

The dogs are getting used to her.  Katie still runs under the stairs when I take Tulip out of her cage and Daisy is still interested but hasn't made any sudden moves.....  I still have a watchful eye on that one!


Di said...

What an absolute poppet Tulip is, such a beautiful girl. Is she gonna be doing synchronised swimming next? Di xx

Mrs A. said...

Totally cute. Actually you are nearer the mark with my blog than you think. Roswell? I have read every book going on the subject!!! Hubby calls me 'The Alien' which is why tongue in cheek its in my blog heading. Hugs Mrs A.

Roudi said...

Aww what a sweetie! :)
I love your little birdie, she's so adorable.
Thanks for dropping by my blog, your comment made my day. ♥


~Rasz~ said...

Tulip is precious and definitely put a smile on my face :)