Sunday, December 4, 2011

Did I Mention Beadwork?!?

Did I mention that I used to do beadwork? I haven't done any in quite a while.   I still have a small stash of beads just in case the urge strikes!
I started doing beadwork because I wanted an amulet necklace and couldn't afford to buy one.  I took an introduction class at the local college and that's how it all began.  I sold my pieces at a few arts and craft fairs (one being in Santa Fe that was sponsored by a bead shop owner) and really enjoyed every aspect - from choosing the pattern to choosing the beads.  Luckily I kept a few of the things I made.

My first piece made on a loom
Below is an example of the peyote stitch.  You are beading in the round so the beginning of the row is always changing.  I used delica beads for this piece.  They fit so nicely together they fall into place just like bricks!  I had a book of great patterns using the peyote stitch but I must have gotten rid of it.  I've looked several times and just can't find it.  You can find patterns on-line though, if you are interested.  Peyote stitch is a little more complicated than working on a loom so keep that in mind.

Most of the amulet necklaces don't have the small beads on the side.  I added those and think it really adds a little extra to the piece.  You can make the necklace and dangles as plain or decked out as you want.  Hmm, maybe I should get out my beads and do a little demonstration in a future post.  If you'd be interested in seeing that let me know.
One of my first amulet necklaces made with peyote stitch
Below is a bracelet that I made.  I saw one and actually figured out how to make it!!  You construct the base of the bracelet on a loom.  Loom work is fast and easy.  Keeping the base on the loom you then make loops of whatever beads you want to use.  In this instance I used pearls that I had and small copper beads as spacers.  The clasp is magnetic so it's easy to put on -- just be careful that it doesn't end up dangling from your car door when you get in!

Bracelet made with pearls
Here's some more bracelets that I've made.
This one has hematite and turquoise hearts
This next bracelet was made using a spiral stitch.  It's interesting - the pattern automatically spirals.  I also made some necklaces with this stitch but didn't keep any of them.

Bracelet using a spiral stitch.  Funky square beads with copper beads as spacers
I also made earrings but forgot to take any photos of those.  I'll do that in a future post.  Beadwork is totally fun.  Some of these beads are really, really small so I don't know how my eyesight would hold out!

I hope you are having a great weekend.  Mine has been so very nice.  Friday I bought a copier/scanner/printer and will hook it up this week.  I'm also getting internet at my home tomorrow so no more having to go to Starbucks to post.  Although this has been a nice Sunday morning/afternoon thing. 

We got some snow here and am supposed to get more this evening.  I'm keeping my fingers for a snow day on Monday!!!

Thanks for visiting!!!


Di said...

Oh wow!!! These are simply stunning - how clever you are. Any more posts about them would be brilliant, I haven't a clue where I'd start - err, some beads maybe?? :)) Have a lovely week - hope you got the printer up and running fine and now the world will be your oyster with your own internet :)) Di xx

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

let hope blogger behaves - ate my first one - just disappeared - really love these thanks so very much for sharing - attention to detail is quite astounding, well done and God bless you all this time as remember the gift of His Son, Shaz in oz.x

Jema said...

I did enjoy your skies, the pinks, purples at sunset. The mountains bring such mystery there. I absolutely loved Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, and Valley of Fires. Great treasures!

Your beadwork is amazing!!! I am so in awe, I really liked your pink bracelet. Look at your talent!

Di said...

Di here - it's Wednesday and I just spotted that you just might join in WOYWW - your comment on Dottie's blog! Go for it, you'll make a load of new friends and share tips and hints..we're a really nosy bunch!! I don't regret it at all! Di xx

Sunshine Girl said...

Wow they are fabulous - I quite enjoy messing about with beads but I just tend to make the cutsey stuff like spiders and angels from the Klutz book - not done it for years though so I think you have inspired to get my beads out too!

Julia Dunnit said...

Hey, am just responding to your comment over at WOYWW on my blog - join in do! As often or as little as you like. And yes, by all means post on a Tuesday night, I tend to set up the link about 6.00am GMT on Wednesday mornings, so it is just a question of remembering to link at my place and that's easy...follow the instructions on the linky box - and don't worry if it goes rong..I can remove or edit all links! So what are you waiting for? Oh right, next week! Loving your beadwork, am off for a deeper browse around.

Dotty A said...

These are just BEAUTIFUL... I love everyone of them... So different and beautiful workmenship too!
Thanks for shairing, I enjoyed my visit today!!

Jingle said...

These are absolutely fabulous!

sandra de said...

Wow, your bracelets and amulets are beautiful, thanks for dropping by :)

MaggieC said...

I love all those beautiful beaded things you have made. They are so pretty. Thank you for your visit earlier and your kind comments. By the way, the pudding with the creamy sauce over the top (which is an egg custard, really) is not bread pudding, but instead it is called bread and butter pudding. It is a totally different consistency, also delicious, but different. I might do one of those this week, as I have got some bread left but no cake to put with it for the bread pudding (anyway, it is good to do different things each week). If I do, I will post that one too.

Neet said...

An old lady once made me an amulet necklace, something I will always treasure - she is no longer with us now.
Lovely beady things you have done.
Hugs, Neet

The Crafty Elf said...

Holy man alive these are fantastic! What great work! I have to be honest and say I've never done this. Such great pieces!!! Thanks for sharing your desk and have a great week!

Jacqueline said...

Oh WOW!! What stunning work! Absolutley adore those pieces. Thanks for sharing.

And thank you for your lovely wishes. Hopefully it won't be too long before I'm feeling better.

Take care

Jackie x

Legacy of a Single Girl said...

Good evening! Your beadwork is very good! My fav is the first one. I make jewelry as well, but haven't for a few months. It's very rewarding, and sometimes very tendious huh? Great job though!
Hugs, Margo

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