Sunday, October 25, 2015

I love New Mexico in the Fall

Hello peeps.  This time of year is magical.  I love watching the leaves dance to the ground.  Not only that but the colors are amazing.  When I first moved here I couldn't see past all the mud (adobe) houses and the different shades of red in the soil.  I moved here from one of the largest farming areas in northern California where everything was green and lush.
New Mexico has grown on me; it's deep in my bones and I love everything about it.  Even the old adobe homes have found a place in my heart.  I'm so very lucky to call this my home.
 Hello wonderful leaves.
The above photo was taken at the El Santuario de Chimayo.  I have done a post about the Santuario before but it's different every time you visit.
The trees are slowly turning.  The little black specks are cows.
This is a corner of Rancho de Chimayo, the wonderful restaurant where I took my Aunt.  Every fall the red chili ristras are a big thing.  Most people hang one at their home; I love how the restaurant has covered the entire front of the building.

Hope you enjoyed your little visit.



JoZart Designs said...

Lovely photos and I adore the Autumn colours. We are going to the Lake District of Beatrix Potter & William Wordsworth fame) next week and I am hoping the leaves stay on the trees long enough for me to enjoy their beauty.
Love the snooty looks of the cuties on the sofa in previous post!
Jo x

Nan G said...

Beautiful! I love the Reds and purples of New Mexico and miss them a lot even after 23 yrs in FL.

Glenda said...

There is so much beauty all around you! Love those hanging chilies!

Robin said...

Hi Kay, First off I will email you soon. I have been trying to finally get back to opening up my steps. That you for your sweet comment. I feel like I have been MIA! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. I still miss New Mexico and it has been almost 30 years since I have lived there. The Fall/Winter is the best! The chilies hanging from the houses and businesses. The outside of that restaurant would have me inside in a minute. How inviting! Thank you for sharing your pictures of your world. Just awesome! Big hugs my beautiful friend.