Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Hello everyone.  I'm joining in with Julia for WOYWW.  Go to her blog HERE  to join in the fun or have a good snoop at craft spaces all around the world!

I'm getting settled into my new home.  I had promised myself that I'd have the rest of the house pretty much done before I really dug into my craft room.  I can't believe I've actually held myself to it.  This weekend I'll be able to get in there and start organizing, getting sidetracked at what I find, wondering where certain things are, etc.

This is the status of the craft room right now.
 The bookshelves are almost full of books.... oh my.  That's where I was going to put some of my craft supplies.  I'll have to rethink some things.  The bookshelves, desk and turquoise chair are new.  The turquoise dresser I had in my living room in the old place - same with the area rug (that you can barely see under the clutter).  I also have craft supplies outside in a storage area.  Yikes!

I took a class over the weekend at Guadalupe's Rubber Stamp Store in Santa Fe.  Here's a picture of my finished project.  I'll write a full post about it later.
Thank you for visiting.  Please leave your number as I will try to visit those that visit me and also those that end in the same number.  It will be either late Wednesday or later by the time I get around.  Work is still getting in the way of REAL life!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hello Fresh Food Delivery Service -- Win Win!

For a single person that usually has wasted food in the refrigerator and is too tired to cook dinner after a day of work, Hello Fresh is the perfect fix!  This is the first meal that I've made and it was so good and tasty and actually fun to make!  So much fun that Muffin laid in the kitchen watching me - every step of the way!

Hello Fresh is a home food delivery service.  A friend of mine gave me a coupon for Hello Fresh for Christmas.  It's interesting because I had been thinking of trying one of the several services available.  Talk about a perfect gift!  You have an option of how many meals and for how many people.  Since I had a coupon I took advantage of the full amount and ordered five meals for two.  I'll have enough for lunch the next day or might even try freezing a meal after it's been prepared.  It also takes me out of my rut in making the same thing.  I wouldn't have thought of making this and I can say that I will look forward to making it again.  The recipe card gives you all the ingredients and amounts.  It also tells you how much you'll need for two and four portions.  If I want to make this for guests I can go to the store and get only what I need.  Perfect!

Nice, fresh ingredients dropped off at your doorstep!.  Everything is measured out for you.  Here you see the ground pork, fresh green beans, red pepper, garlic, shallots and mint.  Also included was soy sauce and ginger.  Basmati rice is also included.
First I started the basmati rice.  For the portion I had it took about 20 minutes to cook.  Then you saute the fresh green beans and the red pepper until they are a little brown but not limp.  The instructions were very simple and I really enjoyed making this meal.
The next step was to remove the veggies from the pan and put the shallots and ginger in.  Slightly brown these then add the ground pork.
Add the veggies back to the pan for the final step.  Add the soy sauce and honey.
Put the basmati rice at the bottom of the bowl and add the veggies on top.  Time to eat! 
Oh my, nice, fresh ingredients and leftovers!  


Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Smiles 204

Welcome to my blog.  I've been having a "dry spell" AGAIN.  What better way to jump back in but to join Annie for Friday Smiles HERE.

I have told myself that I will not work in my Craft Room until I have the rest of the house settled.  Oh, what a mistake that is!
The current state of the Craft Room
 Despite the chaos this photo really makes me smile.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  There are those three large boxes in the closet that I need to go through and then I will move my printer there and that will be "computer central."

Snow at the beginning of the week.  You can see the pond with all the grasses around it.  I will need to do some major gardening come spring.
My nephew was the high scorer in the varsity basketball game Monday.  He scored 18 points!

Show us what made you smile this week.  It's so nice to join in and share a bit of my life.