Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WOYWW 268 - Another Satisfied Customer

Hello dear friends.  Happy Wednesday.   It's the day we meet up at Julia's place, at Stamping Ground.  This is the day that desks are shared from around the world.  I don't have a desk to show this week but I do have a finished project to share.
This is the little guy whose blanket I have been knitting on (and completely ripped out once).  It is so soft and came out nicely.  I knitted it in seed stitch, which is knit 1, purl 1, using an odd number of stitches.  It's one of my favorite stitches and I make spa cloths using this pattern.

Other news in my part of the woods.  We have a bear in town.  He looks quite healthy, which I'm grateful for.  I'm guessing this fellow is about two to three years old.  Bears usually stay with their mamas until they are two years old.  He is of the black bear variety, which is the bear of New Mexico.
You could call him a tree hugger!  I see that he's been tagged (that thing on his right ear).  I'm hoping he'll be relocated to the Jemez Mountains soon.  He hasn't been aggressive towards people so it would be nice to get him to a proper area soon.
Did you know that Smokey the Bear has New Mexico roots.  Here's a little history lesson for those that are interested.
The living symbol of Smokey Bear was an American black bear cub who was caught in a wildfire that burned 17,000 acres in the Lincoln National Forest in the Capitan Mountains of New Mexico.  Smokey had climbed a tree to escape the blaze, but his paws and hind legs had been burned.   He was found and brought back to the camp. 

Smokey Bear (or Smokey the Bear) is an advertising mascot created to educate the public about the dangers of forest fires.  The Smokey Bear slogan I recall from my childhood is,  "Remember.....  Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires".  We'd see these signs up in the mountains when we'd go camping, a favorite family activity.  The Wikipedia link is HERE  if you'd like to learn more.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Smiles - Week 78

Hello lovelies!  I'm linking up with Annie at  A Stitch In Time for Friday funnies.  This video really made me laugh out loud.  Did you know how good it feels to really have that belly laugh?

The video is only 1 minute long so I hope you'll take the time to watch.


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WOYWW 267 - New Desk Action!

Hello dear friends.  I love Wednesdays.   It's the day we meet up at Julia's place, otherwise known as Stamping Ground.  Another week that desks are shared from around the world.

I'm still going through boxes and have made some progress.  I've taken two grocery bags full of books to the used bookstore and dropped off some household items at the local thrift store.  I'm happy with the progress I've made but it's definitely going slowly.

I was lucky enough to receive the ATC and Tag below from Debbie Rock.  Aren't they great!  Please visit her blog HERE.

I also received a card and tag from my pen pal Theresa.  She is one talented lady!
The desk is seeing some action, although not a lot.  There's copies of the little girl I used for my ATCs (which I'm making a few more) and also some of my photos that I plan to make into cards.  In the carousel are some Crayola brand oil colors.  I haven't played with them yet.
I love the photo of the cow checking me out.  Notice the stack of papers?  They were on sale a few weeks ago.  Other things I see are a Tim Holtz stencil, some of my Stampin' Up ink pads and a how to sheet from Hobby Lobby.
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WOYWW -- Happy Mail!

Hello lovelies!  Happy July (can you believe it!!).  It's the day we  meet up at Julia's place, otherwise known as Stamping Ground.  Another week that desks are shared from around the world.

I received some lovely ATCs and cards.  Thank you so much!  If you haven't received an ATC from me and thought we were swapping, please get in touch with me.   
I also received a birthday package from Nikki.  Yes, we share the same birthday.  I've learned that Mary's birthday was June 29!!  Visit her at Carolina Cards By Mary H.   Us crabs need to stick together!  
Birthday card from Nikki
Birthday goodies
I've managed to unpack three boxes (books only) so far.  It's going to be a slow process but that's o.k.  Actually, it's going to be a project that will forever be evolving.

As always, I'll visit those that end in the same number as me and those that visit me (please leave your number).