Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins Galore!

I've been busy.  I'm in the process of trying to get my little condo in order to put on the market.  I also have the Arts and Crafts Fair next Saturday.  Yikes.  I'll be posting photos of my booth next weekend.  I decided not to do a dry run -- hope that doesn't come back to haunt me.......... haaaa

I needed a break from the chaos.  The town had lots of fun activities for kids.  There was a pumpkin "bob" at the local swimming pool.  Kids would swim out to collect their pumpkins.  Then off to the carving frenzy.    The pumpkins were set up around 4:00 p.m. so I went to see what kind of carving I could find.  Oh wow.  Lots of fun stuff!
My friends Susie and  Sydnee carved some pumpkins.
Sydnee (in photo) carved the one on the right.

Can you believe this cute little girl carved the throwing up pumpkin!

I didn't make it back to the pumpkin glow.  I can just imagine how great it looked!

I hope you all have a great Halloween filled with ghouls and gobblins!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fabric Bracelet Tutorial

During my last post I promised a tutorial on how I made some bracelets that were in the photograph.  Some of you thought they were knitted, but there not, they are made using fabric.
You guys are going to be amazed a how cheaply you can make these for!  You only need three things and a pair of scissors.  Rope that you can get at the local do-it-yourself store, fabric and a glue gun!  Yep, that's it.
Hmm, I wonder how many bracelets I can get out of this?!?
First, I cut the rope the length I wanted to make my bracelets (8 1/2 inches).  Glue the ends together using the glue gun.  I tried three other types of glue first and none of them held.  
I TORE the material into about 1/4 - 1/2 inch strips.  I did this by cutting the fabric about 1/2 inch down and then tearing the fabric instead of cutting all the way down.  That gives you the frayed edge.  I pulled some of the long threads out and cut some of the others just to clean it up a bit.
Start wrapping the fabric around the rope, overlapping so none of the rope is visible.  If you come to the end of the fabric strip be sure to glue it in place using the glue gun.  Start another strip of fabric by gluing the beginning of that strip down.  End by cutting any excess material away and using the glue gun, glue the end down.
The bracelets below I made using some of the $1.00 bracelets that I picked up at Michael's.  They are about 1 1/2 inch wide.

This last bracelet I cut two pieces of the rope the same length, glued them at the end then glued them together to make a wider bracelet.  It doesn't look too bad.

Let me know if you make any of these.  It was fun thinking this up.  I got the inspiration from the cloth wrapped clothes hangers that I made - the inspiration for those came from pinterest.  This just goes to show that you can find an idea on pinterest and make it your own, coming up with a different project with the same core idea.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WOYWW 176 -- Holy Moly!

 I'd like to welcome my newest followers.  I always wondered how people knew the names of their latest followers - and then I found out.... you just click on the photo!  Now, how simple is that!!  I feel as though I should list each and every one of you but that would be a post in itself.  So, a special shout out to several of my newest followers:  Marion, Lisa, Lucy, Terry, Neesie, Rexann, Minxy, Daniella, Belinda, April and Toni.  Thank you for becoming part of my blog family!!!!!

Can you believe it's the middle of October - already!  Today is the day to do some blog hopping, starting at Julia's over at Stamping Ground.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, get ready.  You're in for some fun.  If you've arrived here from Julia's you know what this is all about.  If not, click on the red text above.  Desks from around the world are revealed - along with some wonderful creative projects!

My desk - well, no real projects on it at the moment.  I put some of my knitting on my semi-clean workdesk so I can get busy  and start pricing items.  I have a feeling that I'll have to do a dry-run booth set up in my living room before the Craft Fair, which is November 3.  If you'll be in the Los Alamos area it is being held at the Crossroads Bible Church.  I'm unsure of the hours (maybe 9:00ish to something-er-other).  Yep, need to be more detail oriented.......
Neck wrap, coasters, spa cloths
See those round things - they're bracelets.  I'm going to post a tutorial on how I make them (hopefully this weekend).  You are going to be surprised by the materials......
Business card bowl
I made this bowl over the weekend.  I got the idea from pinterest.  You can read that post here.  I need to find more of those cute little candlesticks!  I'm finding that I'm re-purposing things and I love it.  

As always, I will visit those that visit me (please leave your number) and those that end in the same number as me.  After that then I'll visit as many others as I can.  But be warned, it may not be until Friday that I get to make the rounds!


Wild Horses

Returning home from Colorado I saw the wild horses.  This time there were as many as 50!  My heart just leaps at seeing them.  This time they were on the New Mexico side, right across what I would call a Pond at a rest stop.  
I'm amazed at how healthy they all look.  There were a few babies in the crowd, one of which was still nursing.  He looks almost as tall as mom!

I'm so happy they are doing so well.  I heard on the news that there is a project to round them up and provide birth control (it sounded like a shot) to keep the herd numbers down.  They reported that the population doubles every four years.  The Bureau of Land Management holds adoptions.  To read more about that click here.  

It's times like that that I wish I had a little piece of land.  


Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Special Treat

Saturday I met a friend for breakfast at The Flying Star.  It's located in Santa Fe near the Railyard.  
Just love the New Mexico sky
This time of year there's a Farmers Market.  Those white things at the bottom of the photo are the tent tops.  

Oh no, I think I'm in trouble.....
Ooo la la
There was another mission.  I needed to get some toys and special food for Poppy.  She's the newest member of the household.  She's slowly getting used to her new surroundings (and is sitting on my shoulder as I type this).  She's a yellow sided green cheek conure (same as Tulip).  She's a hefty girl weighing in at 64 grams!

Hello there!
Today I hope to start pricing the items I have for the Craft Fair.  Oh, but there's so much more that I want to make!

How about you, are you having a nice weekend?


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Woo hoo.  It's Wednesday.  The day to do some blog hopping, starting at Julia's over at Stamping Ground.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, get ready.  You're in for some fun.  If you've arrived here from Julia's you know what this is all about.  If not, click on the red text above and you're in for the ride of your life.  Desks from around the world are revealed - along with some wonderful creative projects!

I've been on vacation - just got home last night around 7:30 p.m.   I honestly couldn't remember how I left my desk.  Here it is this morning, untouched.
I guess I didn't pick up my dining room table before leaving for my trip!  Oh, but you should see the rest of the house!  Let's see, the usual baby wipes, Mod Podge, some pens, Rit dye, a bagful of ribbon, beads, a Watercolor magazine I picked up at the Art Expo a few weeks ago, an old note I found in a book at the library.  The wooden organizer on the right is a purchase from the local thrift store.  It swivels!  I can't decide what I'm going to do with it.

Yesterday on the way home I saw the wild horses again.  This time there were two herds totaling over 50 horses!  Here's one photo (full post to come later).

I will visit those ending in the same number as me and those that visit me (please leave your number).  After that it's random.  


Friday, October 5, 2012

La Veta Pass, Colorado

I'm visiting a friend in Colorado.  The drive up yesterday was beautiful.  The apsen trees are amazing this time of year.
Hello mountains.  Is that snow?

When the wind goes through the leaves they look like shimmering gold.  Just beautiful.  I drove over La Veta Pass.   The elevation is 9,242 feet.  The pass traverses between Culebra and the Sangre de Criso mountain range of south-central Colorado.

Train tracks were first laid on the pass in 1877.  The D&RG railroad describes the track traveling from Pueblo to Alamosa as the "Scenic Line of the World."  This was the first high mountain pass the D&RG built and was exclaimed around the world as an engineering marvel.

I didn't get a photo of the train tracks (maybe on the way home).  They follow the ridgeline of this mountain.  I didn't know the history until looking up facts about La Veta Pass.  
It was a brrr 28 degrees this morning.  When I left New Mexico I had my air conditioning going - now the heater.  I should have brought a heavier sweater too!  Snow is predicted for Saturday and Sunday.  Yikes!

I hope you enjoy your weekend.