Monday, September 19, 2011

Where I Live Part 1

Here's some photos I've taken of Northern New Mexico.  I can't believe I call this place home.  The first photo is of Black Mesa. It is a large volcanic outcroping located on the San Ildefonso Pueblo.  San Ildefonso Pueblo is located at the foot of the Pajarito Plateau (where I live) just 8 miles east from Los Alamos and 24 miles from Santa Fe.   The Rio Grande runs through San Ildefonso Pueblo.  Beautiful, isn't it!

Next is a photo I took of the El Santuario de Chimayo. For generations Native American Indians, the Hispanics of the Southwest, and other people of faith have traveled to the site of El Santuario de Chimayo to ask for healing for themselves or for others, and to offer prayers of petition or prayers of thanksgiving for favors received. In 1945, U. S. servicemen who had survived the "Bataan Death March" began a tradition of walking to El Santuario to thank Santo Niño de Atocha for delivering them from evil. The tradition of pilgrimages has grown stronger over the years and now many thousands of people begin or end pilgrimages at El Santuario. 

El Santuario de Chimayo is also the site of "el pocito" the small pit of Holy Dirt which many people attribute as possessing remarkable curative powers.

The is the metal cross atop the Shrine of Santa Niño de Atocha.  

I've been snapping some more photos of the area and will be posting Part 2 in a few weeks.  As for me, I'll be out of touch for about a week and a half.  I'll have lots to share then!

Thanks for looking in!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stamping and Coloring, Oh My!

This past weekend I broke out my stamps and paper.  Over the Labor Day weekend I had company visiting from Colorado so I put away all my craft supplies - now they are back out on the dining room table!  I keep thinking maybe I should convert my bedroom into my craft room and sleep on the hide-a-bed but so far I haven't had the guts to do it.  Then where would my company sleep?!?

This is a lovely poppy card that I started a while back.  I wasn't sure what to do with the background so I just stamped it with a script stamp using a Versamark pad.  It gives it a subtle design which I love.  I live near Georgia O'Keefe country and her poppies are so beautiful.  My little homage to her.

Next I worked on some Christmas cards.  The stamp set is from Stampin' Up and called Loads of Love.  I've had it for years and it's one of my all time favorites.  The bed is full of wrapped presents just waiting to be opened. I colored these while watching t.v.  No idle time for these hands!

And here's the finished product.  Just love old red trucks.  
Can you see the pile of stamps in the background?

I stamped a Charlie Brown Christmas tree on both sides of the words "Wishing you loads of holiday cheer! Merry Christmas!" with a Versamark stamp pad.  On the envelope I stamped the same tree in green.  It added just a touch of festivity to the envelope!

I got crazy with my tag hole punch and punched a bunch of designed paper last night.  I also used the scallop punch - I wonder what I'll do with them?  Stay tuned.  I'll be working on new projects this week.

Until then, thanks for checking in!  I'd like to hear from you, being a new blogger and all.  Do you have suggestions for me?  I know my photos need work.....  Ways to improve?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

There's a tiny little thrift store in town that I started going to.  Since I thought I'd try my hand at mixed media I wanted to look for some old books to use.  Luckily, I found some -- and more.  I spotted these three little coffee mugs that have such a cool shape..  I thought they would be perfect petite vases.  Just love them.  I also found an old measuring glass that is perfect for my colored pencils.

What a cute little coffee mug vase.

Here's the trio, side by side.

My new colored pencil holder.  I love seeing the pencils.

And finally, what I went in for.  I hit the jackpot!  I bought four books, two of which are foreign.  The french book is titled Promenades litteraures et historiques.  It's of french literature and aspects of french civilization (in 1948).  And guess where it was printed -- in the USA!  The other book is titled Die Pilgerreise by John Bunyan, published in 1914.  I think it's german but really don't know.  What do you think?  The others are a copy of Wuthering Heights and a plain old vanilla dictionary.  And no, I didn't look up any curse words!!!

A little excerpt from the book - old german do you think?  I just love this type - so beautiful.

A page from the french book - doesn't compare to the german book but love it just the same.

And who could resist the fancy title page of Wuthering Heights?

Until next time, thank you for stopping by.  it's just been amazing, the support I've received from wonderful bloggers!  I'm slowly finding my way around.

I've been hanging out at the local Starbucks for the free wi-fi.  With all the caffeine intake, my typing is getting jittery! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens?!?

Also, Harrison Ford came up to my town and ate lunch at one of my favorite restaurants.  I go there almost every Saturday for breakfast -  their huevos rancheros is the bomb!!

Just love Viola's restaurant.  If you're  ever in Los Alamos go check them out!