Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Peony, The Shed and Photo Manipulation

Hello peeps.  I know, it's been a while.  I'm having a total knee replacement on my left knee of Monday, June 8.  I'm ready for this, excited for this.   Turns out I'm having a SLE Lupus flare just in time for surgery.  Just lovely! 

 I've played around with an application I found for my cell phone.  You choose a photo and manipulate it using different effects.  There's many variations to choose from.  This is the original photo.  It's a peony I planted in my yard this year.  It's the sorbet variety.  Love.

Here's the watercolor effect that I liked the best.  I can just imagine making cards!

Here's another one.  You can really see all the texture in the adobe wall.
The Shed is a restaurant in Santa Fe.  I ate there for the first time a month or so ago.  It's very colorful and the food is good.  One thing that's their "signature" is that you don't get a sopapilla with your food; you get french bread!  For those that aren't sure what a sopapilla is, it's kind of like a hollow donut that you squirt honey into.  Yum.

This is the sign using the same effect as on the peony.  Below are "normal" photos of The Shed.
This last door cracked me up.  Yep, it was low alright; perfect for me though!

It may be a while before you see me again.  I think of my blogging family often.  Each of you have found your way into my life and my heart.