Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Smiles

Hello peeps.  It's been an exciting (and stressful) time around the house.  My place was appraised on Wednesday and I'm just waiting until it comes in.  Wish me luck!  Hopefully we'll be able to still close on Monday, October 31!  I'm supposed to close on my new place Friday, November 4 but I don't think that's going to happen.  No appraisal has been done yet.  

So, I'm joining in with Annie at   A Stitch In Time to see what made people smile, giggle or bust a gut this week.  I have this to share.
This is the way it is at my house.  I actually gave Katie (prescribed by her vet) xanax to try brushing her this week and she still tried to bite the brush and my hand.  Bless her heart.  I really thought that would mellow her out.

Here she is relaxing on the couch.  If only she'd be like this when I try to brush her.
Here's a picture of Muffin.  She's a wild and crazy girl.  She's the one that has Cushing's disease, is blind in one eye and has terrible allergies.
My little loves.

I also made my first paper crane.  




Annie said...

I'm keeping everything crossed for you with the move Kay. It all seemed traumatic when we moved but now all our major alterations are done it really was so worth it...we are really happy here now and I hope you will be too. I love the funny about the house rules with a dog....they are soooo right. Our house just wouldn't be the same without our little Milly hairs and all :-)
Have a great week and here's hoping all goes well and you have lots more to smile about soon.
Annie x

Neet said...

Rooting for you and the house sale/buying.
Love the card about the doggie rules - so true when you have a fur baby. Sorry you are having problems with the grooming despite intervention from the vet. Maybe she will get used to it eventually?
Hugs, Neet xx

Barb said...

Hope all goes well with your buying and selling Kay. You've certainly got a lot going on just now. Let's hope Katie soon feels better about being groomed. She certainly looks very happy at home. We certainly still miss our Maggy. Our pets are very special in our lives. Wishing you a happy week. Barbxx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Kay, hope everything gets sorted soon. My male dog isn't very keen on being brushed but it's mostly around the back of his feet that is a bit tender and he has to have a little muzzle which helps. My girl dog is like a little rabbit and jumps about a lot, then she realises I am not going to stop until I've finished and then stands there looking quite disgusted. I found it was better to brush very small areas at a time to begin with, you just have to remember what you brushed last.
The thing I have noticed with these dogs is the lack of hair in the house. Schnauzers don't lose their hair and it's very noticeable though it does mean they have to have a hair cut every so often.
Take care and have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday Kay....AND good luck with the house buying and selling.... exciting fun hey, moving. I think our cats feel this place belongs to them as well, cat hair everywhere too, but we wouldn't be without them. Have a wonderful weekend cheers Robyn

Di said...

Good luck with the house move Kay! Lovely photos of the girls, they're obviously well loved and cared for😊


Di xx

mamapez5 said...

You have been waiting so long for that house move. I do hope it goes through on time for you. I have a dog who hates to be brushed too. They are right into their moulting season and he looks so scruffy, but I just have to do a little when ever I can, and sweep up the rest of the fall-out! Your dogs look very contented despite their problems. Sorry I am late visiting this week. Kate x