Friday, August 21, 2015

Knee Surgery Progress

Hello peeps!  I have one more week and then it's back to work for me.  I'm still using a cane but feel confident when I'm out and about.  It's been a hard journey; much more difficult than the first time.  My SLE Lupus started to flare a month before surgery.  I also found out that I have a blood clotting disorder (one of the many Lupus issues).  I had to stop taking my Lupus meds to prepare for the surgery, which didn't help with the flare that I was already having.

Here's a photo diary of the progress, with the most recent photos first.  Be warned, the last photo is kind of rough around the edges!
This photo was taken July 16.  It pretty much looks the same now.  I have a "dimple" when I stand at the beginning of the scar on my quad muscle.  It's possible it'll be there forever but it's also possible that it'll go away.  I'm so glad I wasn't a person with beautiful legs in the first place!
In this photo you can see where the staples were.  I didn't count them when they were in but I'm thinking it was around 23 or so.  Physical Therapy was coming to my house twice a week.  I really enjoyed my therapist even if she did make me cry a few times.
This photo was taken June 30 - two days after my birthday.  Unfortunately I HAD to get this done when I did.  I wouldn't choose to have this procedure done in the summer.  The heat really played a factor in how I felt.  Not to mention being homebound for my birthday and Independence Day.  My dad came up on my birthday and brought us lunch and a mini cake.  Thanks dad!   A bit of bruising but not too bad.  How many staple marks do you see?

This was June 27.  After taking out the staples they put this tape on my knee.  It lost it's stick in about two days.  Plus the physical therapist really wanted to see how the scar was healing.
This photo was taken June 20.  Yep, Frankenstein would be proud!  There's lots of swelling and bruising.  You can definitely see the progress between this photo and the one above.  I find it amazing how quickly the body heals.  All the time fighting my SLE Lupus.  I had to stay off my medications until seven weeks after the surgery.  I felt it; emotionally and physically.  For three weeks I was crying at a drop of a hat and thinking "why did I do this."  I had my right knee done in 2010 so I know what a difference the surgery makes but at this point I just didn't care.  I was miserable.
June 18.  My leg is in the CPM machine.  I LOVE this machine.  It continually moves your leg without any effort from you.  It doesn't build muscle but it helps to move the joint so it doesn't get stiff.  I would usually ice my knee while in the machine.  I was sent home with the bandage.  I wonder what it looks like underneath?  Notice the toes?  I treated myself to a pedicure right before surgery.

June 13.  Yikes.  I just HAD to look under the bandage didn't I.  I think my physical therapist wanted to take a look.  She started coming to the house the day after I was released.   I had the surgery on June 8 and was released June 10.   They had me up and walking the afternoon of the surgery.  Well, maybe not walking exactly.  I did have to prove that I could get up stairs before they would release me.  I came home with oxygen too.  One benefit of that is that it helps you heal.  Bonus.

If you need a knee replacement I'd definitely recommend it.  I had the same orthopedic surgeon for both knees and the experiences were totally different.  The first time I didn't have SLE Lupus or the blood clotting disorder.  I wonder if I bruised so badly because of that.  I now take a baby aspirin every day and carry bandaides in my purse.

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.  I'm so glad that I'm coming to the next chapter of having two good knees and being able to walk like a normal person.



Glenda said...

I am so glad you are recovering nicely! It's a most difficult surgery at best and you seem to be on the road to a good recovery. Good luck when you go back to work!

Anne said...

Good to hear you are recovering. I was brave and looked at all the photos - know what to expect if I have to have it done - was told it is most likely in the future as the arthritis is bad :-( anyway I will face it when it happens. Carry on recovering. Anne x

Annie said...

Hi Kay. Fab photos. I never thought to take photos when I had mine done but I think I could had matched yours perfectly 😀 yours looks to be healing really well thankfully. It's so good to see your recovery....hoping it continues well.
Annie x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'm glad you're healing ok and getting through the ordeal. It'll be worth it when you're skipping around :-)
Hugs, LLJ xxx

Craftychris said...

I am so glad you are recovering - ooh you have been through so much! Keep taking care of yourself! Big hugs! Chris xxx

Shoshi said...

Oh Kay, you poor love, having to go through all that. It looks major! I do hope things are improving for you now and that you will make a full recovery. It was a real shame that they had to stop your lupus meds. Having more than one existing medical condition can cause a lot of problems, can't it, esp. when the treatment for one conflicts with the treatment for another! Your surgeon has done a good job, and in a few months I am sure you will look back on this ordeal in a different light!

Thank you for your visit and your very kind and understanding words. I am so glad you like the things I made for Shaz - I had such fun making it all, and her response was so lovely, it made my day and made every bit of it worth while! I am feeling a little bit better today. The last chemo has affected me worse, but I was warned it was cumulative. They say they've got a bit of leeway and can reduce the dose again so I'll probably ask them to do that next time.

Hope you are having a nice weekend. Take care of yourself and rest that knee!!

Shoshi x

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

I have been out of touch most of August....and had no idea you were going through this. Hope your road to recovery is quick and more pleasant than some. My BEST WISHES to you and make sure you take plenty of "ME" time with rest and relaxation. Hoping your in the swing of blogland soon. I don't know where summer went, but I am ready for some lovely fall weather. Have a wonderful weekend.

SandeeNC said...

You poor baby! I cannot imagine going through that, sure hope you are doing lots better by now!!

Nikki said...

Holy smokes Kay that is one serious cut going it looks like it's healing nicely little black n blue but it's looking good I say you just tell everyone you where an extra in a zombie movie and thought the stitches are sexy :p may you be up and about soon hugs Nikki

Unknown said...

That is a great sign. While there's been a lot of stress involved, it’s good that your knee is in the process of regeneration and healing. It might take a while, but the time for it is necessary. You will really have to pace things, though. Let the scars fade and the wounds disappear.

Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts

Connie said...

Dear Sweet Kay, I need another progress report . . . I miss you.
I'm hoping that the reason you have not been blogging, is because you are feeling so good the you are out and about enjoying your new knee. You are in my prayers.
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

MaryH said...

Hi Kay, It's been a while since I touched bases. We're traveling, and I'm trying to visit some blogs I've been missing. Read this one & Yikes about that knee repair! I'm so glad for you that the actual surgery is over, and you are well on the mending road. I also didn't realize you had lupus. (My Mom had Systemic - not fun - but she was also a lot older than you, when it was diagnosed). I hope you have plenty of things to keep you occupied while you are not so active as usual. Brilliant idea to have your toenails pretty while in recovery too. Blessings and I hope you are doing great by the time I write this. Big hugs.

Unknown said...

Excellent pics and thank you for sharing! This seems like it is going to be a long and ongoing process. You seem to have good spirits about everything though. Some might say this is oversharing, but I for one find it interesting how people deal with injuries. As well as with surgeries and rehabilitation. It's a fact of nature we break sometimes.

Madalyn Oconnell @ Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver

Natasha Shelton said...

Oh my, I thought I was ready after I read your little warning but I was NOT! I would probably pass out every day after having such major surgery. I'm a big ol' wimpy crybaby. LOL. You're definitely tough, that's for sure. Glad to hear you'll be going to work soon. Do you plan on using the cane when you go back or do you think you'll be healed enough to go without?

Natasha Shelton @ CCOE

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