Thursday, October 16, 2014

Welcome Fall

Hello everyone.  I hope you've had a wonderful week full of creativity, happiness and love.  I've been on vacation this week and haven't turned on my computer until today.  In some ways I've had withdrawals but in others it's been nice.
I took a stroll around town and looked up into the trees.   This time of year reminds me of so many things.  The time of year Mother Earth transitions from summer to winter.

In the past I would complain about  the temperature drop, darkness coming so early.  I've begun to realize that this is one of my favorite times of year.  For the exact reasons I used to complain about, and many more.  Stop, breathe, truly open your eyes to the world around you. 
The joy I feel in taking photos has changed my view of the world - every single day.  Even when I don't have my camera with me I see things that I wouldn't normally notice.   I find that it slows me down to take in the splendor every day offers.
The aspen trees are starting to turn.  I love the way the leaves shimmer in the breeze.  They put on a show for anyone who will watch.

Whatever you do, stop and breathe.  Fill up your lungs with what gives us life.  Look around to see what gives your life meaning.  It could be as simple as the last bloom in your garden to those you love and hold dear.  Enjoy every day as a gift, for that is what life - life with meaning and purpose - is all about.


Anne said...

Hello Kay. Beautiful photos and oh such wise words you have for us. Glad you enjoying your time off and the world around you. Hugs Anne x

Di said...

What a lovely post my sweet friend. Glorious photos and such inspiring words. Came to me at just the right time - I won't kick the bathroom fitter guy's rear end in the morning, as normal will make him a cup of tea and smile sweetly. And forgive the four holes he drilled right through into our guest room wall from the shower room :) Kind thoughts here too :)

Love and hugs

Di xx

dottielottie said...

Hi Kay, glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation. I love Autumn time even though you know that winter is just around the corner. Always love your photo's and today your thought provoking words too. Hugs Lottie

okienurse said...

WOW very poetic thoughts today. I love those beautiful pictures. I am sorry I didn't have any okra pics for you but... check out my fibro blog post from today to get your fix!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get to feeling better soon! Vickie #76

okienurse said...

well darn just got to the email that said you had posted to the Fibro post! See how my mind is working today! I am happy to hear from you no matter what blog it is on! V.

Glenda said...

What wonderful photos you are sharing today! I love spend time outdoors during this wonderful time of year and if I happen to have my camera it is just an added bonus!

Connie said...

Hi Kay, it is wonderful to hear that you had a nice vacation. Love the fall color, those orange trees are beautiful.
Have a happy weekend.
Connie :)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Gorgeous photos and words that are so true. :-)
LLJ xx

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

What an inspiring post, Kay. I am with you on the picture and gratefulness part, but I don't think that I could turn off my computer (or check things out on my phone) for a whole week! Good for you.

Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello and giving me updates.

Kathy M.

Hettie said...

What a gorgeous post Kay. I too love Autumn, especially when the weather is dry (preferably a little crisp cold too). Those photos are beautiful.
I loved seeing the maples turned in New England two weeks ago.

MaryH said...

Very lovely post with some wonderful pictures. Love the blast of color from your trees, and the blue sky color looks exactly like what I've been seeing here in Upstate SCarolina the past few days. Just such a vivid hue behind the trees. You're such a great photographer. Glad you're taking time to enjoy what's around you. You definitely have the eye to see this beauty & the skill to capture it so that we can enjoy it as well. Take care. Hugs.