Sunday, August 18, 2013

Spanish Market

Spanish Market is held in Santa Fe, New Mexico every year.  It's an amazing event that attracts an estimated 70,000 visitors every year.  I usually don't go because it's too crowded but my dad and his companion, Mary, invited me this year.  We went early in the morning so there wasn't much of a crowd and it was still cool.

My first posting about Spanish Market can be found HERE.

Here are more photos from the day.
a closeup of the piece above
I love the vivid colors this artist uses.
The following two watercolors are done by one of my favorite local artist.  Her name is Michelle Ferran.  I love her use of color.

They are both behind glass - I tried to get a shot without much glare.

This is an amazing wood carving.

Do you notice anything "funny" in the photo above?  I couldn't ask the gentleman in the red shirt to move while I snapped the photo......
These ladies were dancing around the corner from the Plaza.
I would love to have a pair of boots like this!
I hope you enjoyed this post.  Perhaps it makes you want to put the Spanish Market on your Bucket List?



scrappymo! said...

Those cowboy boots are wonderful! What fun!
Your festival photos are great as always. You have a talent for photography!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It's definitely going on my bucket list! Love the boots and all the colours in the fab photos :-)
Hugs, LLJ xxxx

Di said...

Super photos Kay! I adore those boots too.

Hugs, Di xx

MaryH said...

Awesome pictures. Loved that old truck. Now _this_ lady can watercolor!!! You got some stunning pictures, and the red arms were a hoot! Glad you got out & had a good outing with your folks. Some boots, too. TFS the day with those of us who couldn't enjoy it. Maybe one day. Hugs

Marianne said...

Don't need to add it to my bucket list . . . been there, done that. But I would love to go again.
I love Santa Fe, I love Taos, I love Albuquerque, I love so much about New Mexico. And I LOVE those boots.
The colors of the southwest are hard to beat. hmmmmm...... I feel the need for a trip out west.

Julia Dunnit said...

oh yeah, this is just the sort of thing my bucket list is littered with Kay! Hope you enjoyed the browse and the colour..good for the soul, eh! loved your two posts. nd yep, I'd probably fight you for the boots!

Glenda said...

Yep, those boots are definitely a must have! Such lovely designs on them. Thanks for the other photos! Have a good week!

fairy thoughts said...

Great pictures as you say the colours are so vibrant looks like you had a good day

BJ said...

what a super market, the colours are brilliant. BJ

Darnell said...

Glad you went this time, Kay, your photos are fantastic! I LOVE those boots, too, and laughed out loud at the funny red-shirt photo!! TFS! xxoo Darnell

Craftychris said...

Wonderful photo's, what a brilliant time you must have had!! I adore those cowboy boots, they are so cool! xx

Neet said...

Oh Kay, what fabulous boots. Even though i don't wear heels I would have to buy some of those if i saw them for sale.
Thank you for sharing all these photos, I want to go to the market - that market!
Hugs, Neet xx

Nan G said...

Great post! So wish I still lived In the area I would so attend this! Thanks for sharing. Hugs

Princess Judy Palmer said...

It looks like a lot of fun and not too crowded. Thanks for sharing.