Friday, April 12, 2013

Lace Scarf Pattern

Hello peeps.   I really enjoyed making this lace scarf.  It took me longer to knit up than what I'd expected - but am happy with the finished product and will definitely be making more!

I haven't tried knitting lace before and wanted to start out with something simple and this pattern definitely fit the bill!
Image from Pinterest. 
The pattern is located HERE at the Ravelry site and is a free pattern.
My finished scarf
It's called One Row Lace Scarf.   The yarn is a fine hand dyed silk blend which recommended using size 6 needles so that's what I used.  It drapes beautifully.  The next scarf I make I will use larger needles so that it will look more like the image from Pinterest.

K= knit
K2tog= knit 2 stitches together
YO= Yarn over
Sts= stitches

Cast on 24 sts (or any number of stitches dividable with 4).
Knit 2 rows
Knit pattern row:
K4, (YO, K2tog, K2) repeat between ( ) 5 times.
Repeat the pattern row until your scarf is at desired length.
Knit 1 row.
Cast off loosely.

Please share if you make a scarf using this pattern.  I'm going to put another one on the needles real soon!



Connie said...

Hi Kay, Your scarf is beautiful. You did a lovely job. Now, for my question. I know knit and I know purl, but I do not know YO yarn over. Can you explain? I might want to try my hand at this. I have some specialty yarns that were given to me and i've had them for about 5 years, not knowing want to do with them, except for using them in paper crafting, so that's what I have been doing. This scarf looks like the perfect project.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

SandeeNC said...

Beautiful job Kay, guess you need those warm scarves during spring...while I am over here wigging my barefeet and thinking it's time to paint the toenails! lol Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, love your visits! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Mary said...

Kay, your work is spectacular. It looks perfect. I am very impressed. Thank you for sharing.

sara j said...

Geez, I actually understand those directions and the purple edition is fabulous. What kind of yarn did you use?....

sara j said...

Of course if I would bother to read and not just look at the pretty pictures I might not ask questions you've already answered....
it's sooo pretty though who could blame me?

Marianne said...

Love the scarf. I am going to start it tonight. As soon as I log off the net. It looks super easy. Thanks!

Craftychris said...

ooh your scarf if gorgeous! Well done! I love it xx

fairy thoughts said...

I have just downloaded the scarf pattern it's next on my list of things to do (only about 125 thing before it but you never know)