Friday, April 18, 2014

Flat Susan hits Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hello all.  I've had the best time playing "tourist" with my house guest, Flat Susan.  She arrived safely and hasn't stopped talking about all her adventures.  She's the perfect house guest, as you can imagine.  

Our first stop was at a yard sale that my friend, Alyce was having.  She always has neat stuff and I wanted to introduce her to Flat Susan.  She's one of my besties in the world.
Another one of my besties and I went to Santa Fe to show Flat Susan a few of the sites.  I must admit, by the end of the day we were all tired.  Along the way Flat Susan had a little accident as her leg fell off.  I'm so glad she came with a First Aid Kit!  I'm happy to report that she made it through the operation and has two legs, once again.

Poppy, my conure, needed some food so we stopped at Feathered Friends.  While we were there we said hello to the birds.
My friend Lisa with Flat Susan.
We ate lunch at Tomasita's restaurant.  Tomasita’s is a Santa Fe tradition serving classic Northern New Mexican Cuisine. The restaurant has been locally owned and operated for over 40 years.  Santa Fe locals have consistently voted Tomasita’s Best Red Chile, Best Green Chile, Best Margaritas and Best New Mexican Restaurant.
Flat Susan wanted to go swimming in the salsa but I said it might not be a good idea.
Like any good tourist, she was ready to sample everything. Here's a taco, green chile relleno, enchilada, beans and rice.
These are called sopapillas.  That's honey butter right behind Flat Susan.
She wanted to take one home to use as a bed.  Silly girl.
Our lovely waitress.  She loved meeting Flat Susan, who is so well traveled.
We then went to St. Francis Cathedral.  St. Francis of Assisi is the founder of the Franciscan Order. He is the Patron Saint of Santa Fe, New Mexico as well as The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Animals and the Environment.
I took this photo from inside the church.  Isn't the stained glass beautiful!
Close up of Flat Susan in the hand of St. Francis.
On the Plaza Flat Susan had to go into this shop.  I think it was the name that caught her eye.
She got a little wild.  At one point she was so taken with a squash blossom necklace that she rode it like, well, a maverick!
She loved this one too but refrained from trying it on.
Santa Fe fashion - turquoise jewelry and a concho belt.
From there we walked to the Guadalupe Rubber Stamp.  You can visit them HERE.  Lee, the owner, was there to greet us.  We had a great time and no, I didn't walk out of there empty handed!
Flat Susan was so excited that she kept moving, hence the blurry photo.
The next two photos are of the native americans selling their wares on the Plaza.  You can find some good bargains and it's nice buying from the artisan.
From here we drove to Hobby Lobby.  I bought a few more things here too.  This is where Flat Susan lost her leg (well, I found it on the floor).  I didn't take any photos inside the store.
I hope you enjoyed this post.  I certainly had a wonderful time with Flat Susan!  She'll be on her way to her next hostess real soon.



Craftychris said...

A fabulous post! I enjoyed the tour as much as Flat Susan did! Thank you so much ! xx

Neet said...

Loved it! Coming back to digest and comment again.
Neet xx

Anne said...

Hmmm gremlins - my comments disappeared. Anyway I was saying what a wonderful and interesting time you all had. I wish that you could give me a new leg as well Kay - well knee anyway. :-) Anne x

S said...

Well, Flat Susan is certainly the most petite of her lineage that I've ever seen - just the right size for stamping though!!

Daniella said...

You really showed Flat Susan the town didn't you! I laughed out loud when you said her leg fell off! You are a delight!

Di said...

Oh Kay, you just made me cry here :( Everywhere you showed reminded me so much of our fabulous holiday 18 months ago. Len's in bed asleep now, I'm awake and in my craft room at gone 2am, just surfing, but will show him this lovey post tomorrow. Gosh, I can almost taste the food at Tomasitas - and those puffy sweet pillows :)

Happy Easter, our dear little friend!

Love, Di xx

Tam Hess said...

Wow, that's a lot of fun stuff! I think I'm in love with flat Susan. Took me a sec to realize it was the paper doll and not a human that lost her leg. HAHA SOOO FUN!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Nan G said...

Looks,like a fabulous time was had by all! Gorgeous pics Kay. Oh I do miss NM chili..!!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Well done, Kay! You showed FS a terrific time in NM!! I'm going to have to put on my thinking cap or she'll be bored. We've been to Santa Fe and enjoyed that trademark restaurant. This brought back memories of our wonderful time in your pretty state! Happy Easter to you! Hugs, Darnell

Connie said...

Hi Kay, it is great to see that you are out having fun :) I love squash blossom necklaces. I have one (but it is costume jewelry not the real thing) and every time I wear it, you would be surprised at the responses I get from people especially clerks in stores. They seem to think that I have money to spend, LOL. I call it my lucky necklace. I have gotten the best service, and once I saved $800 on a car repair bill. I mentioned that my husband was in the market for a new pick-up (which was something he was always talking and dreaming about) and all of a sudden something that was not covered on my warranty, was changed to let us see what we can do with that warranty. Now you know why I call it my lucky necklace. A friend of my Mom's that sold costume jewelry back in the sixties gave it to her and she gave it to me, about 15 years later :)
Happy Easter.
Connie :)

Marianne said...

I have eaten at that restaurant ! I wish I could stuff myself into an envelope and mail myself to you. I am so jealous of Flat Susan.
I love Santa Fe and I am looking forward to my trip out west this fall....I will be visiting you New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.

MaryH said...

What a fun-filled post. I had to read a bit to figure out who "Flat Susan" was. Indeed, she'd be a perfect guest and companion to take to see the sights. Always love seeing your photos. Wish I had that skill. The area in your pictures was really pretty, and the stained glass window...oh WOW! TFS such an interesting, amusing post. Hugs

Princess Judy Palmer said...

My! Flat Susan is very well traveled. It sounds like she had a good visit to the Land of Entrapment... I meant Enchantment! She visited a lot of places. My legs would fall off after all that walking too.

Neet said...

Just came back to look at FS and her stay with you. Looks fab and what a lot of lovely photos.