Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Smiles

Hello everyone.   I am so glad it's Friday.  Between fighting allergies and work it's been a tough week.  Can't wait for the weekend to relax!

I hope the week has gone well for all of you.  I'm linking up with Annie at  A Stitch In Time.  I thought these photos are a hoot.  I hope they bring a smile to your face!



Annie said...

Don't you just love old photos :-)
Annie x

Diane said...

What funny vintage pictures Annie.

Hugs Diane

BumbleVee said...

Do you suppose they were a couple?..hahahha..

Craftychris said...

Love these photo's! They brought a huge smile to my face! I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend! xx said...

You definitely got a giggle out of me! Have a great weekend!

Twiglet said...

Yes - I am smiling!! Hope you enjoy a peaceful weekend. x Jo

Judys Fabrications said...

Hehehe...hope you have a Big Relax over the weekend.
Say hello to Flat Susan.Love the idea!!

Nan G said...

Love 'em! Enjoy the weekend. Hugs

Connie said...

Good Morning Kay, yes they did, and it's a great way to start the morning. I do hope that you get some rest time in this weekend and that whatever is blooming and causing your allergies to flare up will be done blooming soon.
Thanks for the smile.
Connie :)

Laura said...

I'd like to think if I had been around in those days I'd have pulled a face like that too!

Hettie said...

Bwahahahaahhaaa! These are brilliant, specially the first.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I'm not a fan of cross eyed photos as they always make my eyes hurt. I'm so easily lead astray!!! That second one is a hoot though.