Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WOYWW 273 - Knitting and photos

Happy Wednesday!  Yes, can you believe it; another week has gone by.  Not only that but August is wrapping up!  This is the day we all link up with Julia at Stamping Ground.  People from around the world share their desks and pr0jects.  If you don't know what WOYWW is all about go on over and check it out.  Warning - it can become addictive!

I made one of my photos into a stretched canvas.  If you want to take a look go to my previous post.  I'm thinking of calling her Maisie. 

On my desk are some of my knitted spa cloths and a bunch of photos that I need to make into cards.   I do my knitting in my comfy chair in the living room - so I guess you could say my desk is somewhat "staged."
Also there is my paper towel holder of washi tape and my colored pencils.  

As always I will visit those that visit me (please leave your number) and those that end in the same number as me.  It may not be until the weekend before I'm able to visit.



Sandy Leigh said...

Ooh, your spa cloths look fabulous! Isn't that the best thing about knitting--we can do it anywhere. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

Nikki C said...

Sweet spa cloths and I see St Francis there :) and took a look at your new canvas looks good. I'm going to agree with you on having to cut back on meat when looking at her ... guess you'll be eating lots of chickens :)
hugs Nikki 12

fairy thoughts said...

Hi kay
Looking colourful today. Can I ask a question .... I have seen you mention spa cloths before .... What are they actuall used for or is that a silly question.
Janet @8

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kay, I'm not sure what spa cloths are - maybe they are similar to the facecloths we have over here - but they are colourful. Love your canvas you had made with your photo of the cow - I'd say it was a she too and she is definitely cute :) So glad to read that the new job is working out so well for you. Hope you have a great week. Elizabeth x #46 said...

Great cloths. I never learned to knit so I'm very envious!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Maisie Moo cow! Perfect :-)

Love your spa cloths, great selection of colours. They'll go like hot cakes!

Am glad that the work situation has turned out well for you. Phew, what a relief....

Sending hugs,
LLJ 20 xx

Neesie said...

Well hello Kay,
I know I should have said sit down first because the shock of me actually visiting might have adverse affects on you.
Well fancy you having a Maisie because my Hettie is featured today on my WOYWW. Maybe they could be 'pen' pals?
I love the idea of sitting in a comfy chair knitting. I must be ready for winter ;D
Happy WOYWW Neesie #43

Anne said...

Hi Kay and thank you for the email so sweet - I'm a nosy ' Maisie' I think. Your job sounds very interesting and so glad you happier. I did knitting today in car enroute to collect my grandsons. Might be a picture or several next week. :-) Happy WOYWW Anne #28 ( last time I looked :-) ) x

Carole said...

First I have to say the reading your blog was a rest for my squinting eyes. I love the font size and neutral color...some blogs are really tough on the eyes. Needle work in a comfy chair is it's own reward. Be well Carole #50

Krisha said...

Love the colors of your spa cloth, but I think Mazie is a show stopper.
Krisha #19

Lea.H said...

i would love to learn to knit - i think your idea with the tissue roll holder holding your washi tapes is brilliant!

fairy thoughts said...

Hi kay thanks for the info on the spa cloths, I thought they might be something like that.
I am going to golden in Colorado. we have American friends who's son lives there and is getting married. if you know the area .... were are the best craft places... lol
we wont have our own transport but our friends will I think and know the area quite well. We wont be with them the whole time so public transport will have to do.
all suggestion gratefull received

Hammers said...

Love the spa cloths! And that paper towel holder for washi tape is genius! Also very happy to be in your esteemed company on Kim's blog on Monday :) Cx #55

Nan G said...

Maisie is the perfect name for her. Love the cloths. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #53

Angela Radford said...

Hi Kay, desks aren't always a table and chairs, it just depends where you are.
Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 34

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah love the stretched canvas looks fab.. did you see Neesie's desk she had a drawing of a highland Coo...not unlike yours except different breed but same colours :D if had her link still open would paste.. it ah go back to Julia's page and paste..

there you are :D well done on the knitting seems the thing to do in the states.. I actually find it weird but have heard they are fab to use. thanks for popping over Shaz in Oz.x #10

Candy C said...

Hello Kay! Your spa cloths are awesome! I have a friend who is also a fabulous knitter and I keep threatening her that she is going to have to teach me! :) I did it YEARS ago but have pretty much forgotten everything. You are right though...knitting is one of those wonderful art forms that you can take with you anywhere and I so wish that were true of mixed media. :) Your blog is wonderful! <3 Candy

Neet said...

Best place to do your knitting - sitting comfortably. Wish I could sit where I am now (on the settee) and play with my Brushos. Think I would regret it if I did.
Happy WOYWW week.
Hugs, Neet (think I am 14) xxx

Kim said...

Finally getting around to a the spa cloths, and I'd say Maisie works! Have a great weekend.

glitterandglue said...

Definitely the right place to knit! Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy - do you find the word "boredom" has been missed out of your dictionary, too? It certainly isn't in mine!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #17

Debs Willis said...

Hi Kay, lovely colourful cloths, like others, not sure heat spa cloths are?
Also like the pics of Santa Fe house in other post, interesting!
Thanks for your visit and kind words
Debs 37