Monday, August 25, 2014

First Canvas

Hello everyone.  Happy Monday.  Well, yes, I am at work (this is a scheduled post).  I'm happy because I have a job.  The company I work for has been laying people off, some without notice.  I was transferred to another organization and was quite upset about it.  After only one week at the new job I can say that it's been a blessing in disguise!  

Now, what this post is REALLY about.  I wanted to see what my photos would look like on a canvas.  I have one of my favorite photos and thought of making it into a canvas.  I went to WalMart and waited and waited.  Finally, it was done.  It's not stretched as tight as I'd like but I am happy with the results.

What do you think?
Isn't he/she the cutest thing!  I saw this lovely cow and thought "what a cutie pie."  Right now she's hanging in my dining room.  Uh, good thing I've cut back on my meat intake......
I have several prints of him/her (heck, she's cute, I'm saying she's a girl!) that I plan to make into cards.  Like all my photos, there is no manipulation.  What I see through the lens is what you get.  I have done some cropping on other photos but that's the extent of editing.

I hope you have a wonderful week!



Connie said...

Good Morning Kay, I am so happy that you have a job and that you are enjoying it. Wonderful!!!
I love your photo, but I don't know if I could bite into a hamburger with that cute face looking back at me, LOL.
Keep Smiling!
Your blogging sister,

Craftychris said...

I am so glad your job has worked out well! The canvas looks fabulous. I love cows and your photo is brilliant, she is cute! xx

Anne said...

That is lovely Kay. Your photos are super - you really don't need to alter them - I glad that you don't. So happy for you re the job. Am being nosy but would love to know what you do. However fully understand if you don't want to say :-) x

Nan G said...

Loved her as a pic and as a canvas ...holy cow! (Wink wink) Very cool.

Neet said...

Love her and bet she looks great irl.
Hugs, Neetxx