Sunday, August 24, 2014


I am so blessed to have the friends that I have.  Some of them I have never met in person.  You may ask, how can that be?  It's easy, really.  
I see these friends up in the sky; sometimes in the clouds and sometimes in the stars.  They are dancing and mystical.  Cheering me on even when they don't realize it.  Lifting me up to a more creative life; adding so much joy that sometimes I just burst.

Thank you, my special friends!



Connie said...

Dear Kay, it is I that should be thanking you, you are a lovely, sweet and kindhearted sister and friend. I was blessed the day you followed my blog and our friendship began.
God bless you.
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Anne said...

Hello Kay. How lovely. I've seen the quote before and how true it is. I have many special friends met via Blogland and t'internet. I count you as one of them and all of you are very special. Anne x

Nan G said...

So very true, Kay. I'm lucky to count you as one of my special friends! Have a wonderful week. Hugs!