Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Special Treat

Saturday I met a friend for breakfast at The Flying Star.  It's located in Santa Fe near the Railyard.  
Just love the New Mexico sky
This time of year there's a Farmers Market.  Those white things at the bottom of the photo are the tent tops.  

Oh no, I think I'm in trouble.....
Ooo la la
There was another mission.  I needed to get some toys and special food for Poppy.  She's the newest member of the household.  She's slowly getting used to her new surroundings (and is sitting on my shoulder as I type this).  She's a yellow sided green cheek conure (same as Tulip).  She's a hefty girl weighing in at 64 grams!

Hello there!
Today I hope to start pricing the items I have for the Craft Fair.  Oh, but there's so much more that I want to make!

How about you, are you having a nice weekend?



Amy E said...

Awww, I used to love going up to Santa Fe when I lived in Albuquerque! October is always my month to be homesick, since that's the month of the balloon Fiesta!!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I want to go to Santa Fe - it looks amazing!! That breakfast must be the biggest I have ever seen...though I feel I could do it justice!
Di brought the beaded pendant you made for her. Wow, it's amazing. I have never seen such fine beadwork. You must have the patience of Job! I loved the coin in the bag and the fine beads hanging from it, gorgeous :)
And Poppy looks cute, what a lovely bird - hope she settles in well!

Hugs, LLJ xx

Redanne said...

Ooh la la indeed, that looks like a fabulous breakfast and like LLJ above, I think I could do it justice as well - only not now as I have just had Sunday dinner! Santa Fe looks amazing, hope you found some bargains whilst you were there. Poppy is gorgeous - hope she settles in well. Crafty hugs, Anne x

toni said...

yum yum, that looks delicious! so glad to hear you've got another little bird. poppy looks very sweet x

Di said...

Hi Kay

Saturday was amazing - and your ears should have been burning in a very nice way.

I got a real pang seeing the Santa Fe Railyard photo :( And Poppy looks lovely - if she's sitting on your shoulder that's a great start, maybe those tail feathers are gonna be safe?

Hugs, Di xx

Connie said...

Hi Kay, You have so much fun, oh how I wish I could find someone like you around here to pal around with. My friends love the stuff that I find, but none of them like garage sales and junking. I do have two sister-in-laws that love to quilt, but that is the only artist thing that they are into. Santa Fe is a dream destination to me. I love the art of Santa Fe and how alive and brilliant the colors are. That breakfast looked so good and your new family member is going to be so much company. She is beautiful!

I can not believe it but since I've pulled those frames back out of my trunk I have used all but two of them . I used three of them here and then I moved my keyboard into the dining room and used seven of them above the keyboard to frame some photos of some of my favorite musicians. I've been making over my other doors down the hallway and painting the hallway , living room and dining room. Our home is going to feel so fresh and new. I've just been on a workaholic roll. I say that whenever I can muster up the energy, I'd better use it. There are days when I have done at all, LOL. Have a sweet week, and do come back and see my other door make-overs. I'm having so much fun! Your blogging sister, Connie :)

MaryH said...

Ummm-yummy. Would be a wonderful way to fill up the tummy-tank prior to a good flea market jaunt. Lucky you to have this available. Hope you found some neat goodies. TFS

Tamika said...

I like the Oo la la... I mean the breakfast!!