Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WOYWW 151 -- Baby Blankets!

Happy Hump Day!   Yep, once again, time to link up with Julia at Stamping Ground where it all begins.  This is a best day of the week for blog hopping.

I went to two baby showers on Saturday.  One blanket down and one about a third of the way done.   Here's a photo of the mom-to-be  with her blanket.  It was a big hit.  Isn't she too cute!
In the evenings I've been knitting on the second baby blanket.  This one is kind of a plain jane -- knit every row with size 10 needles.  I got smart!!!  This one isn't taking nearly as long!!!   I'll be done before the baby comes.
My workdesk at the moment
The photo is kind of dark.
Thanks for stopping by.    I will try to visit everyone that visits me and then those that have the same ending number.   Please leave your number with your comment - that way I can find you! 

I hope the rest of your week is full of craftiness!



Redanne said...

You look blooming, if you don't mind me saying and I love your workspace, very appropriate at the moment. Love the blue blanket especially. Take care, Happy WOYWW from Anne #61

Helen said...

great blankets - they are growing apace! have a good week. Helen #22.

Nadia ( said...

Your knitting looks beautiful! I have set mine aside for a while, but you make me want to pull it out again!

Happy WOYWW!
Nadia 117

Victoria said...

thank you for the look around your crafting space today
this is so beautiful, thank you as well for your visit
vicky #104 woyww
Ps I also have saturated canary candy on my blog

Annie said...

That mum to be looks pretty proud of her new blanket :-)
Good luck with finishing the next one too.
A x #38

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'm glad the bag arrived ok and, more importantly, that you like it!!

Gosh, seeing that baby blanket took me back - we used ours to snuggle, on the floor for our boys to have a kick around, it later became part of the dressing up box...I shed a few tears when it finally bit the dust... I hope the young mum pictured gets as much joy out of hers :)

Hugs, LLJ #33 xx

The Weekend Artist said...

Hi kay! I never have tried knitting so I do hope I'll have the patience you have when I do!

first-timer WOYWW

Laura said...

Knitting is so not my thing. I've been taught three times now but it just doesn't stick in my brain!
Laura desk 111

SuziesImaginarium said...

I would love to learn to knit...just don't have time. A lovely gift for a friend! Happy WOYWW #159

Connie said...

Hi Kay, I love your new studio, looks mighty comfortable. It sure saves time when you're not counting stitches and changing needles. For me it saves a lot of unraveling and starting over, too. Say, Like I'm always reminding my blogging friends, I'm an old dog learning new tricks, I didn't know what you meant by the number thing . . . then I noticed your other comments and the reference to woyww so I think I've figured out that I am #151, but I have no idea what this is or how it helps you??????????? Looking forward to your answer . . . I'm always eager to learn something new. Your blogging friend, Connie :)

jill said...

your chair looks so comfy just right for knitting. happy crafting jill #62

sandee said...

Kay, that chair looks like a wonderful work space! your baby blankets are just too darn cute! Are you going to try and hook up my Project Pinterest? I kept looking for it last week, don't mean to bugger you about, yeah actually I do but it sounded nicer to say I wasn't, ;) Anyway, new link up starts on Thrusday! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina #139

505whimsygirl said...

Hey Connie,

I ask for people to leave the number they are on Julia's blog so that I can find them. I really try hard to visit everyone that visits me, and the people that their number ends in the same number as me (this time 4 as I'm 144). Then I go to as many other blogs as time permits. I hope this answers your question. I'm somewhat of a newbie too. I started blogging in August but haven't really explored blogger.... then they changed it on me and I just about freaked out last night!

Looking forward to checking out your blog to see what you've been up to!


Anne-marie said...

Love the chair looks so comfy for doing your knitting, I used to a lot of knitting myself but rather do any now. Have a fab week
Anne-marie no 85

trisha too said...

Baby blankets, so sweet, I love making baby gifts! Your blankets are delightful, Kay, no wonder that mommy looks so happy!


kay said...

wont be long before that 2nd blanket is finished,they both look good
have a crafty week and
happy WOYWW
kay #98

May said...

babay blankets are gorgeous... you have been a busy bee.. and your chair looks so inviting.. Hugs May x x xNo10

lisa said...

Bet your fingers are flying. The first blanket is great and Mum to be looks thrilled with it. Good Luck with the 2nd one. You certainly look like you've got a comfy seat for your knitting.
Thanks for the visit and Happy WOYWW
Hugs Lisax #74

okienurse said...

I think I messed up on the last comment and don't know if it got to you or not! ANYway! My sister crochets blankets for babies and she just finished one in the camoflage green yarn that makes a really cute baby blanket. I think yours is looking good too! We will have to set up a play date some day and skype and create together. Too bad it is a 10 hour trip to Albuquerque or we could do it in real time! Have a great week and thanks for commenting on my blog! Vickie #41

505whimsygirl said...

Thursday is tomorrow!!! I'll see if I can take photos of my necklaces tonight after I get home. Have to work late though..... I want to link up!!!


Amy E said...

What beautiful blankets!! I bet the mom-to-be was SO HAPPY with hers! There's nothing you can buy for a new mommy that's better than a homemade blanket!

Thanks for taking a peek at my crafty space! I love it and all the mess too! Haha!!

Amy E. #24

Darnell J Knauss said...

Lovely blankets, Kay, for your lovely preggers friends! Darnell 184

Cottage Remnant said...

Happy Wednesday!
Great Job!.....that is one comfy looking work space...LOL


Princess Judy Palmer said...

Pretty blankets! They look so soft, especially that second one. Great workdesk, looks comfy. I'd be afraid to work there though. I'd be snoring in no time.

Ohhh Snap said...

Beautiful blankets! I'm the world's slowest knitter, so I bought an Incredible Sweater Machine a while ago only I need to make the space to set it up lol. Thanks for visiting :D. Happy WOYWW #134

Bridget Larsen said...

I couldnt do a post without food, its just for you lol. Send me your snail mail so I can send you an ATC when it comes around
Bridget #1

Karen said...

Great blankets Kay, your knitting looks great :)

Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx


I always love to visit and see what you have going on! I never learned to knit so I'm very envious of your skills! The blanket looks great! glenda#103

inkypinkycraft said...

The blankets look fab, I wish I could knit but sadly it is disastrous!!! Have a great week hugs trace x

sandra de said...

Oh that knitted blanket looks so cuddly and warm. Have a great week.
Sandra #17

DottyA Cards & Things said...

First thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about my 3 wheel stool!!
Havent landed on the floor yet!!!
Both blankets are Lovely!!! I know both Mom's will be thrilled with them and will get TONs of use!!!

Amanda said...

Great baby blankets, only ever been able to knit scarves and only if someone castes on and off for me lol. Hugs amanda #133

CraftygasheadZo said...

Super blankets, and mom-to-be looks blooming! Take care, am still working my way through the list, doing so in stints and making sure I have snacks to munch! Zo xx 77

Elizabeth said...

Hello Kay, Making baby blankets is very much the thing at the moment it would seem :) Yours are beautiful and your knitting them ... I'd never finish one before the baby was born if I were to knit it, crocheting is much quicker. Love the colours you've chosen too. Thanks for popping by and leaving your comment on my desk ... yours looks a lot more comfortable than mine right now :) Hope you have a lovely creative week. Elizabeth x #113

SusanLotus said...

A great blanket to keep the baby warm. :)
Hope you are enjoying your week!
Susan, nr 92

Liz Black said...

What lovely work : ) I can't knit at all, too many holes, so very impressed with anyone who can! Thank you for visiting, for following, and your lovely comments. Liz no 194

fairy thoughts said...

well done with the knitting. it looks like you have a very comfy chair so that's a good excuse to sit for as long as it takesthanks for the peek... running a bit late this week
janet #29

Joynana said...

Hi Kay, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am soo late getting started. I have always wanted to learn to knit, just never enough time. I got the Tim Holtz die at Hobby Lobby. Michaels doesn't have it here. (AL). #121

Est xxx said...

Oh wow I've pictures of my handmade blanket that my nan made for me, love how cosy and comfynyour workspace looks too thanks for visiting me :-) xx

debby4000 said...

Beautiful blankets.

Angie said...

Lovely blankets! I tried knitting once, spent so much time taking out stitches lol! I'm just not all too textile friendly!
Angie #154

Lynn Holland said...

Hey look at you busy lady, I don't know how I missed your desk this week, so sorry.
It could be that I am always distracted by the gorgeous backdrop to your blog Kay.
Just popping back now for a proper read.
Have a good weekend.
Lynn x x
One I made earlier today

Shoshi said...

Oooh I love YOUR knitting too! Knitters of the World Unite lol!! Thanks for your smashing comment on my blog, and I'm glad you like my current works in progress lol!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #90

Queen Of Toys said...

There is nothing like a beautiful knitted blanket to keep you warm, and having one made specially for you is even better. You are a special kind of person putting all that love into each and every stich, lucky baby and expectant mum. Thanks for sharing.

Eliza #26

Anne said...

Hi there I am late I know -story of my life at moment. Not had time to do much visiting lately. As weather here is awful I am curled up on sofa whiling away my time on laptop. beautiful blanket. Forget what number I am on list- sorry but am near end. Anne x

Di said...

Super blankets Kay! And a lot of work no doubt :) Love, Di xx

Sue from Oregon said...

Gifts made with love! How very special. I still have the hand knit blankeys made with love for my kids! (the oldest is almost 35) Oh my!

Angela said...

What a wonderful workspace and the blankets are beautiful, those mums to be are very lucky to receive them :) thank u for stopping by, belated WOYWW greetings xx Angela #161