Sunday, April 15, 2012

Barnyard Beauties

I took a drive back to the horse stables.  I love the smell of horses.  I really wish I had a curry comb with me so I could do some volunteer brushing.  Their coats are looking pretty sad right now.   Here's a few photos form my outing.
Look at those eyes!
What a cutie!
Old blue eyes
The goats were so funny.  They were lounging about and not really that interested in me, standing on the other side of the fence.  When I drove around the corner of their area they all came running.  Maybe that's the gate the owner comes through at feeding time.  They were all over me!

I hope you are having a great weekend.  It's very windy here and we've had a few snow flurries - that just means I get to stay inside and play!!



Julia Dunnit said...

I was just going to comment ' you know these are goats, right'? Because you talked about horses first!! I'm glad you enjoyed your ltrip...nice way to pass a sunny day!

okienurse said...

OMG! My grandaughter will love these pictures. My son took her to a petting zoo in Virginia and that is all she can talk about! I would love to be able to have some pygmy goats they are so cute!

Di said...

Eeek, I stroked a billy goat whilst out hiking years ago and almost died at the pong which lingered on my hands - despite finding a stream to try and wash it off :) Hasn't put me off though, lovely faces and eyes. Hope you had a good weekend Kay!


fairy thoughts said...

Great goats, not like horses at all!
we have a saying in my family, when things dont go quite right 'the goat ate my bag'
It comes from DD1 when she was about 3 and at a petting farm feeding the goats... a goat 'stole' the whole bag of food, she cried for ages, some things you never forget.
Have a good week

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous goats! Thank you for sharing the photo's xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Goats are so funny. I think they always look bored. That pony sure did need a brushing though. My old cat with the matted fur recommends me for the job (of course he'll recommend me for anything, anywhere, just so long as me and my comb get away from him).

Brenda Brown said...

Love those faces Kay, so cute.
Have a great week.
hugs {brenda} xox

Lavinia said...

Hi Kay! Love the pic's of the day at the yard! Those goats are lovely, especially the one with his head through the fence.... :) think he wanted to much on you & your camera, they eat anything dont they the little blighter's! Hope your weather is better than ours, rain & rain & just for a change more rain! Take care!

Karen said...

Stunning photos Kay, a lovely selection, many thanks for sharing :)

Hugs, Karen xx

sandee said...

I was a bit worried about you for a moment, talking about horses and all I was seeing was a goat, girl? lol Just kidding of course, and yes that pony did need a good brushing! Love the picture of the goat sticking his head through the fence! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)