Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WOYWW 150 - my canvas from last week

Another week has bit the dust!  It's Wednesday and that means the biggest blog hop is on!  If you don't know what I'm talking about go on over to Stamping Ground where it all begins, thanks to our leader, the fabulous and amazing Julia!

I used the huge toilet paper roll to make some circles on a canvas.   I absconded with the roll from work - I'm always looking at things a bit differently!
See those big white and pink circles
I finished the canvas you saw last week.  I really like it - the size and the bird.  I made the bird out of a coffee cup sleeve from Starbucks, cut out the bird then painted it with acrylic paint.  I can usually get three birds out of one sleeve, if I'm careful.
Waiting for the sides to dry
The desk.  It's a little messier than last week.  The two boxes on the left are full of acrylic paints.  A stack of canvases in various stages, brushes, Mod Podge, pencils and markers.
Thanks for stopping by.    I will try to visit everyone that visits me and then those that have the same ending number.   Please leave your number with your comment - that way I can find you!   Oh, and Bridget - you are on my GO TO list -- not only for your desk but for the food!  haaaa



Karen said...

Kay a really busy and creative desk this week and those canvases are just amazing! They are both gorgeous :)

Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen #11

Miriam said...

fabulous canvasses!


Redanne said...

Ooh I brought some Starbucks sleeves home this weekend, now I know what to do with them, thanks for the inspiration. Your canvases are gorgeous. Regards, Anne #30

Lynn Holland said...

Hello Kay,
That little canvas you have done would look wonderful with all my Doodly Birds round it. hee hee
Have a good week.
Kindest regards
Lynn #52
One I Made Earlier Today

Annie said...

I've loked seeing your canvasses and have enjoyed my snoop into your crafting space.
A x #19

sandee said...

Hi Kay, loving your canvas works! I had to giggle though at you taking the big TP rolls from work, what must they think of you? There goes Kay, taking home the trash again, poor thing, she must be one of thoses hoarders! lol OK, so I am having more fun with this than I should, lol Can't help myself sometimes! It's a sickness, really it is! Stop me! lol waving hi from the chilly, rainy hills of North Carolina #132

Neet said...

Hi Kay - you have been on my mind recently, how are you coping, I hope things are ok with you.

How big are these toilet rolls? I think we only have the one size here iln the UK or do you mean like in the supermarket loos where it is encased in a big circular contraption?
My my you have been being thrifty, stamping with a toilet roll and three birds from the cup sleeve. (Any more tips?)
Hugs, Neet xx #1

Laura said...

Ooh, I love that bird canvas, tis very yummy!
Laura 73

Polly Polkadot said...

Why is the canvas balancing? Everything on my desk ends up getting pressed instead. Like the recycling going on here. #100

CraftygasheadZo said...

Super canvases! Love how you use every day things like the large toilet roll tube! Take care & enjoy this weeks WOYWW snoop! Zo xx 17

trisha too said...

Well that's it, you've gone and done it, now i want to clear off the book stuff and get out a canvas . . .


Rebekah said...

A great canvas! I have a paper towel roll saved out for fun painting too.

Victoria said...

Oooo lovely to see canvas in progress! A smashing table full of creativity!

Hazel said...

Love the creative 'mess' (it's not a mess really). Love the use of the big toilet roll tube - Hazel, WOYWW #85 x

Erika said...

Kay love your canvasses they're both beautiful. Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW, Erika.

okienurse said...

great looking canvas. You really use the stuff you recycle? OMG! I use a lot of what I recycle but the other day I threw out a bag of trash (literally) that I had collected to "USE" in projects and just let it set gathering dust. I have remorse now cause I just know I will need it tomorrow! Ever happen to you? Have a great day! Vickie #32

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Wow, that's proper recycling, that is!! I love the fact that you've used the large toilet rolls from work, good for you! The canvasses are fab btw, like the bird one very much.
The bin cover is designed to be taken off and washed, but as they are for the teenage daughters of a friend of mine, I think they might be putting liners in to protect it from all the eye makeup remover pads, lol!
Hope you are ok, sending good vibes your way :)
Hugs, LLJ #7 xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kay, fab desk shots this week and your canvases are great. Another use for toilet roll inners to add to the list. I watched a YouTube video earlier, by Christy Tomlinson, and she used just about every kitchen supply and even the heal of a flipflop on her canvas - totally amazing - here's the link:

I gesso my chipboard mainly to cover the edges, they just look better painted white - and then I cover both sides with paper. However, a friend uses gesso, paint and shimmer sprays on chipboard - it just depends on what finish you are going for.

Thanks for going to the trouble of finding the measurements for the baby blanket - it's very kind of you. I've found some patterns for the granny squares but not specific measurements online - well, not so far.

I hope you have a lovely week. Elizabeth x #27

Carolyn Phillips said...

Thanks for visiting me. I love your birds from starbucks holders, now there is a reason to go out for coffee!
I saw you commented on my blog about Pinterest - I agree, it is chock full of inspiration.


Great workdesk this week! Love your canvas. Have a good WOYWW

fairy thoughts said...

I'm glad you told us what the tube was for, thanks. I am well known at work for looking at things in a different way too. Thanks for the tip about coffee sleeves. Funny though we have all these good ideas but still balance precious wet canvases on paint tubes. he he!
janet very late at #151

Darnell J Knauss said...

YOU should try out for Survivor!! Darnell 150

scrapwordsmom said... have been having so much FUN!!! Love that birdie canvas!

Queen Of Toys said...

I love all of your work, so bright and refreshing, I so wish you were around the corner from me. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Eliza #103

kay said...

your canvases are fab,love that you used a coffee cup for the bird,
thanks for visiting me
have a fab crafty week and
happy woyww
kay #51

Sunshine Girl said...

Love both of your canvases - I have just bought a load of new dinner plates and got lots of corrugated card with them but I still feel I ought to nip to Starbucks and get a sleeve or two! Thanks for visiting me.

Di said...

Laughing here at you 'absconding with the toilet roll inner' - did you hide it under your caot or put it in your purse Kay?

And wow, those canvases are brilliant!!

Thanks so much for visiting on WOYWW - have a lovely week :) Di xx

Di said...

Forgot to answer your question. The wedding is on 24th August - I hope we'll be away on holiday (possibly NM - yay!) in the run-up to the wedding for fear of ending up doing menus, order of service, place names and table plans. The goal posts just got moved and they want 10 more evening invitations - thankfully I have all the stuff (aubergine ribbon and card is NOT easy to find over here so I have to send for it) except for enough little diamante hearts, which I quickly ordered last night.

Remember. I'm just doing this as a favour - and sure won't be taking up a new career!!! :(

Di xx

Lavinia said...

Hi Kay! the decorating is going well & I am loving the new Gray & White colour combo I picked. I got ideas for this through Pintrest :)I have applied to have a page on there myself but need to sort my Facebook account out first! I love Interior Design Blogs & books. Looks like just another day tomorrow & it will be done by the weekend. Dont plan to put everything back in the room I took out. And I have decided to paint some of my furniture too, big long project, but I will do it when I can & when I have time, no rush really! I will post pics when rooms finished! You have inspired me to do a Canvas, not done one before! Have a great week!
Lavinia 88#

Brenda Brown said...

Your canvases look fabulous Kay and as for your desk, I thought mie had alot on it!!!.
Hope your week is going well.
hugs {brenda} xox

Julia Dunnit said...

I love both canvases. I particularly admire the technical canvas drying stand that you seem to have erm, invented.

Helen said...

Fabulous canvases, and the busy desk! Helen, 10

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I LOVE the bird canvas, so springy and cheerful and the bird is textured!!! Awesomeness. Okay, the circles from the toilet paper tube makes me laugh, but they are perfect! Another great canvas. Look at your desk! Full of fun things. I see the bird canvas there drying, inspired way of holding it up.

Lisa said...

gorgeous canvas work Kay, thanks for sharing

Lisa #112

Shoshi said...

Kay, I love your upcycling and your lateral thinking! Thanks for giving me an idea what to do with my bits of big cardboard tube under my desk... Your canvases are amazing! I do like the way you've got the bird one supported while it's drying, and very cool to use old coffee cups to make things with!

Your desk is a wonderful, riotous, creative space, full of colour and interest!

Thanks for your comment on my blog, and I'm glad you like my zentangle and the lovely gift I received.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #58

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hi Kay,

Thanks for the visit, even though I didn't join WOYWW this week. Yep, I'm from Kansas. I live in the biggest city in the state, too (Wichita). We definitely live in a different climate, because our last frost is usually close to my bearthday (also known as Earth Day), at least two weeks earlier than your plant date. In fact, in years past, I'd have been harvesting salad greens already.

I'm impressed with the circles, but even more so with the bird out of the Starbuck coffee sleeve. Very ingenious. My kind of recycling project, too.

Sue from Oregon said...

Ha! I live on the other coast from Bleubeard and Elizabeth in the US. It has gotten warm there and raining and cold here...spring needs to come on soon! Love your canvas's! The red bird really caught my eye! Happy WOYWW!

BJ said...

Hi Kay, thanks for visiting my desk. I have just bought my first little canvases and if I promise to use them will you get your Cuttlebug out and use that? BJ #12

BeautifulDees said...

Very lovely and artistic canvas's.
Thank you so much for your sweet comment's about Dustin and the prayers. He is home now, on oxygen still but on the mend.
Thank's again,Love,Debbie:)

Lisa-Jane said...

What a fabby desk and such wonderful creations, all those pens and brushes in pots! Happy belated WOYWW #45

Sam said...

Hee Hee - toilet roll take is goo, though shoudl you be sharing that with us?!! I like the new concept of legs on your canvas though it must make hanging it awkward! LOL! Monkey loves crafting but I have never caught him red handed before!! Hee Hee!

Liz Black said...

I love your little canvas with the birdie ... soooo cute. Sorry for the late visit and thanks for sharing Liz no 141 (loving the smell of horses too!)