Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Something Saved

My last visit to the thrift store left a lump in my throat.  I found a baby blanket,
 beautifully sewn with love.   
The colors are soft subtles in every color of the rainbow. 

My name isn't Brittney and I don't have a Great aunt Connie,
 but I LOVE this blanket.  
It's been washed and joins me on my chair in the evenings.  
How sad that this wasn't stored away in a hope chest.  
It now is well loved and well used.
Thank you Great Aunt Connie!



Jingle said...

It is sad that the original owner didn't want to hang on to that, but I'm so glad you rescued it! It's so pretty!

sandee said...

It's a shame how some people don't treasure items made by hand, I have an afghan that was crocheted by someone that was donated to Goodwill and I LOVE it. It's a favorite of mine now! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have to agree. Most people don't value gifts from family, especially after the family member dies. It's really sad. But at least that blanket has finally found a good home. These are the things I, for one, cherish.

Di said...

And it couldn't have a better new home Kay - it's beautiful and I know you'll treasure it. Hugs, Di xx

Sam said...

Lovely quilt and wouldn't it be interesting to find out what happened.
I made a quilt some time ago for a friend's little boy. Unfortunately he passed away so I sent the quilt to a Rumanian orphanage which a friend of mine was involved in. At least they could enjoy it. I do sometimes wonder if it still exists.

Neet said...

What a beautiful blanket and what a shame it was consigned to a charity shop. Glad it found a good home.
Hugs, Neet xx

Sian said...

It's beautiful. I completely understand why you love it.

S said...

So pretty - I am glad you've adopted it!

Lavinia said...

Hi Kay! Thanks for dropping by my blog :)! The patchwork blanket is beautiful, dont know how anyone could part with it do you! Nice you have give it a good home. Whoever & wherever Aunt Connie is she deserves a big hug :)

Brenda Brown said...

How lovely that you have taken it care for and given it a new lease of life. Enjoy.
Hope all is well with you.
hugs {brenda} xox

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I have several homemade blankets from thrift stores that are just fabulous. Someone made them with love and now they are well loved by my children (who just happen to be cats, but we don't hold that against them). That's a great find and I can feel its softness from here.

I won't even give you guff about no WOYWW post today. Promise.

Angie said...

Had that been mine I could not have parted with it ...glad you are saving it and giving it a new purpose after all that hard work

RosA said...

I couldn't have parted with it either. I'm glad it's found a happy home with you.

Craftychris said...

It is so good you have saved it! I could never have parted with such a lovely thing. xx

Terri said...

I am so glad you saved that blanket. What a treasure!