Saturday, February 25, 2012

Color Speak

I decided to go shopping a few weekends ago.  I always drop into Ross (a discount clothing and home store) and picked up this pot for some tulips.  

Then I ran in to Hobby Lobby and bought some paints.  It wasn't until I got home and laid everything out on the table did I realize -- look at this!

Do some colors speak to you?  

I have a new visitor at the bird feeders.  Look at that tail!!!



scrapwordsmom said...

Oh he's a those ears. My Mom has a bird and squirrel sanctuary in her backyard. I can sit and watch for hours!!!

Yes...I do have colors that speak to me...Aqua...always Aqua!!! Just blues in general. And Yellow.

Thanks for sharing:)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kay, isn't that an interesting coincidence - love the pot too. I once lived in the woods and squirrels were a frequent visitor to our bird feeders - they were so cute and I was often entertained by their antics. Although we have some Scots pines growing at the bottom of our garden here I've only ever spotted one squirrel in the four years we've been here - maybe they are too well fed to bother with our feeders :) Elizabeth x

Di said...

Amazing that you picked those paints up after the pot - something subliminal going on perhaps? Lovely piccies of the squirrel, so cute!

Mr Postie brought a lovely envelope yesterday - am off out in an hour for my day up near Oxford but will email properly ASAP - thank you sooooo much though Kay!!

Di xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

The paints matching your new cup made me laugh. I don't see fluffy tailed squirrels like that in these parts. What a sweetie.

Margo Mohney said...

You gotta know I'm lovin' Little Miss Squirrel!!! Love love!! Thanks for your kind words on my blog the other day, I appreciate your kindness!