Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old Photos Bring Back Memories

I'm in the process of going through things.  I came across some old photos.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  Can you figure out why?

I was in second grade.  Guess I decided to give myself a new "do" for picture day.  The funny thing is my mom didn't straighten it out!  Can you imagine what the teachers and photographer thought?  And look at that grin.  I mean, how proud could a little girl be?!?

This is me looking at my Grandma's collection of curios.   No wonder I love little knick knacks.  I came by it quite honestly.  Oh look, my bangs aren't exactly straight in this one either! 

My mom was the youngest of nine.  My parents lived not too far from my mom's parents and we'd go over there on the weekends for family dinners.  I was lucky enough to have plenty of cousins to play with.  There was an old chest out in the garage that had sheer curtains.  My cousin and I would put them on and wear them as flowing skirts and run around the yard.  Meanwhile, my Grandma would be making a feast.  Her specialty was pies - any kind of fruit pie.  Her crusts were so flaky and perfect!

I also remember the HUGE catfish that my Grandpa would catch.  I still love catfish to this day.  My Grandpa worked in the oil fields and had a tip of one of his fingers missing.  I would rub that finger like it would grow back!  They always had M&Ms for me in the top dresser drawer.

How about you?  Do you have any favorite photos of your childhood?  What memories do they bring back?



May said...

Hi Kay.... You are adorable... such lovely pics... I love your smile in the first...look at your cheeky wee face in the second tee-hee! Lovely keepsakes & memories... Hugs May x x x

Anonymous said...

what a cutie pie, sounds like you had a great childhood, did the rubbing make his finger tip grow back, lol, that is so cute,

Caz said...

I had to come and have a look as it's thanks to you I solved my dilemma of who to visit on WOYWW 'cause I don't have time to do everyone. So I do those ending in the same number as me, plus anyone else that comments and if I still have time I go the number above me then the number below!! So thankyou for that solution to my problem!!
I love your photos - I have several photos of me about the same age with a closed lip smile - my mum always told me not to smile as my teeth grew so slowly and the gaps were huge!! I used to do my own hairdressing too!! We saw my mum's parents every weekend - either they came and stayed with us or we had a day trip to them as they didn't have the room for us to stay. I always remember they used sterilised milk that made the tea taste funny!!
Thanks for making me remember!

Rose Hascall said...

Love old pictures. So Fun. I have seen similar "hairdos" over the years as a home daycare provider. One time one of my "kids" gave is brother a haircut two days before a wedding they were in as ringbeares. In their own home, thank heavens. And the old curtains, forgot about them. Kids love playing with those. Thanks for the memories.

Connie said...

Hi Kay, I love these photos. I have a couple bad bang photos, too, LOL.
I enjoyed reading the memories of your grandma and grandpa, and I am so delighted that you have such lovely memories.

I am in the middle of writing a post and linking it back to your blog. Please come visit and see how you have inspired me.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Your blogging sister, Connie

fairy thoughts said...

hi Kay . . well aren't you the cutie. It seems your grandparents had a big influence on you and I am just learning with Erin how important they can be to a young child and vica versa.
Have a good week

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Aww, made me smile. I had such a wonderful childhood too...loving parents, big family (my dad was one of 11 so I had loads of cousins too) and freedom to roam around. I was one happy kid!! Never cut my own hair though!!!
Hugs, LLJ #xx

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

My mother used to cut my bangs. They would get shorter and shorter as she tried to get them straight.

scrapwordsmom said...

These are absolutely precious, Kay. Thank you for sharing. What a sweet cutie pie you were!!!:) I also appreciate your memories. I have so many from my Grandma Jackson's....ginger snap cookies at Christmas, sharing a cup of coffee with LOTS of milk...playing the card game Authors. Oh how I love those memories!!!! Thanks, Kay!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


sandee said...

OK, so reminiscing about your childhood isn't getting things packed up! lol But I totally understand, you have to touch everything, think about it and then lovingly pack it up. Ahhh, the life of a scrapbooker! Which I hope you are putting one together with all your lovely memories! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Di said...

How did I miss this precious posting?!?!?! Fabby photos - and I love the fringe, been there, done that :))

What an idyllic childhood and such sweet memories too.

Hugs to you my friend, Di xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love that self-made 'do and that big toothless grin. I don't think I have any photos of me as a youngster, but I remembering seeing some at my mom's house. I had the same hair style until middle school when I was aware enough to ask for something else. What was that hairstyle you ask? Pigtails! and because I have such thick hair they hung low off my head--not Pippi Longstocking style at all. Love all the curios and your big happy smile. My granny was a knick knack person too and I followed in her footsteps until I discovered that those suckers collected dust like you wouldn't believe. Now I collect paper. Hmm... that collects dust too if you ignore it for too long--so that's why I fondle it often!!!!

okienurse said...

I have a picture like that from when I was in first or second grade in Albuquergue! We we left there I was 10 and I did not want to go at all even if it was back to OK where my grandparents were. I loved it there. Still do.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Yup, Kay, you totally had me giggling at your "toofless" smile!! I had one of them for my 7th (?) birthday too remember it and was so proud of and it guess that is why your smile is so big too! let alone being the worlds best hairdresser :D Shaz in Oz.x!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant photos Kay!! My sister and her friend did something very similar aged 5, although my sister practically shaved herself! This was two days before my christening. The regular vicar was on his hols so a different one came who didn't know my family. Looking at the little faces of my siblings at the font while he baptised me, he said to my mum that she must be pleased to have a girl after having four boys! To which my mum pointed to my sister and said "this one's a girl"! That's how short her hair was!