Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A True Tale

I have a wonderful friend named Helen.  
She's so full of life and has a GREAT sense of humor.  
I got an email from her last week.  
With her permission, I am sharing her true tale on my blog. 

This is her email - no editing required!!!

Now, here's a true story for ya:

Last Saturday, Gary and I went over to the Senior Center and exercised in their fitness center.  You're required to sign in when you arrive and sign out when you leave.  
As we were leaving, Gary said, "I'll sign out for you," so I said OK. 

Most of the seniors who go to activities at this center are in their 80s, 
so there are many different things available to them for their age group, 
such as having a nurse trim your toenails!  : )

On Monday morning, around 8:30, I got a call 
from one of the elderly volunteers from the center, 
reminding me that I am scheduled for 11:00 to get my toenails trimmed.  
Gary had signed me out on the wrong sheet and inadvertently (?) arranged this appt.

I may not be so young anymore, but I can still give myself a pedicure,
 thank you very much.  : )  
 We're going over to the center today to lift weights, 
and I'll do my own signing in and out... 
no telling what I'd be enrolled in otherwise!


 Now you know why I love her so.  She's a dear friend to me.  Thank you Helen!



Victoria said...

Hee hee hee, this made me giggle. Thanks for sharing!

scrapwordsmom said...

This is too cute. Thanks for sharing, Kay. Your sweet thoughts on my blog and here make me smile!!!!

505whimsygirl said...

Isn't it too funny! Helen is just so great. I know I'll laugh when we see eachother.

505whimsygirl said...

Thank you! I always get something to think about after I read your posts.

Helen is a riot!


Di said...

So funny - a friend to treasure I think! Hey, how did a coyote manage to pee on your bird feeder - are they very athletic or what?!

The mind boggles!

Di xx

okienurse said...

giggle...so funny! My DH does things like this to me all the time. Please check my blog for blog candy winners. I think your name is on the list! ;-)

God's Little People said...

LOL!!! That is precious ;-)
Reminds me of this joke: The mayor goes to visit a local home for senile people. The place is all shined up for his visit and upon his arrival he goes to greet the residents. With one particular senile lady in a wheelchair he shakes her hand and asks her; Do you know who I am? To which she replies; No I don't, but if you ask them over at the reception they can tell you! ;-)
And yes Kay, I'll be joining Junelle's class - I really look forward to meet you there! I hope this time 'round I'll actually get to finish a project.
Big hug,

Lavinia said...

:)) tee hee.....that made me giggle! Would love to have been a listening in on the phone conversation when they rang you!...lol...who was more shocked you or them!

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