Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ojo Caliente and El Rito, New Mexico

As promised in my 'An Old Adobe' post I'm sharing the rest of my day. 
It was beautiful. 
On the cold side but driving around in the car it was so nice and toasty. 
My first stop is in Ojo Caliente. 
Don't blink, you might miss something. 
An old building with a beautiful mural.
And a hot spring that's famous.

Images taken from Ojo Caliente Hot Springs web site.

I came across this shrine on the road between Ojo Caliente and El Rito.
Next stop
This is where I ate lunch.  It's famous for it's green chili.
Unfortunately I didn't find that out until I was done eating my hamburger.
El Farolito Restaurant
My new friend



Victoria said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing!

Sian said...

I always enjoy a post like this - when I get to share and see somewhere so different from my own daily view!