Monday, January 9, 2012

Take Care of Your Emotional Well Being

I have this typed out on a little piece of paper and keep it in my cubicle at work.   I was cleaning up my area and took it down - read it - and thought - I should be reading this every week!! 
 This will help me blossom - my word for 2012.

Pay attention to what you think and feel.  Identifying and understanding the sources of stress in our lives is a first step toward coping.

Eat well, get enough rest, and be physically active.  These wellness strategies can help us feel calm and more resilient.  Exercise and regular movement in particular can help us release the pain of anger, grief, fear or depression.

Stay connected to people you care about; develop and nurture your relationships.  Consider joining a support or common-interest group; reach out to neighbors; volunteer. 

Cultivate peace of mind and relaxation.  Some of us find meaning and comfort in meditation, prayer, or participation in a religious community.  Others relax through activities such as singing, painting, reading or gardening.  Engage in activities that foster your gratitude, appreciation and compassion. 

Work for social/political change.  When the stressors in our lives are too big and powerful to tackle on our own, working with friends, neighbors, or colleagues to change the conditions that make our lives difficult can give us a sense of purpose and help us see our individual concerns within a larger societal context. 

My wish for each and every one of you is to have the best 2012 possible!



I totally agree with you! I'm not officially retired and loving every minute of it. I craft to keep my mind and fingers busy and out of trouble. My goal this year is to find joy in each and every day. Quite easy actually!

The Crafty Elf said...

Excellent advice! Thanks for sharing this, it's awesome!

Anonymous said...

This is excellent encouragement for every day! I especially like the Peace and Relaxation part for this year....SO NEEDED!!