Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Hello my fellow crafty friends!  I'm linking up with Julia at Stamping Ground for WOYWW.  Please check her out and visit other desks HERE.

Lynne shared her shawl pattern with me and I made this.  Sorry about the terrible lighting; I took this last night.  It's a varigated yarn and I really like how it turned out - almost the hombre effect.
I took pictures of my craft room this morning but they aren't showing up on my computer to download.  I'm not sure why because the photo of the deer I took is there.  He was in my backyard this morning, grazing on the tall grass.
His antlers are just coming in and are velvet.  That means my poor little aspen tree will be abused in a few months!

I've been going through my craft room VERY slowly.  My last workday is July 21 and I am telling myself that I'll have plenty of time in the world to get to it!

It may not be until Friday that I'm able to visit (I'm at work now and it's very slow so maybe I'll be able to do it today if things don't pick up).  As always I will visit those that end in the same number as me and those that leave me a comment.



Annie said...

Oh how lucky are you to look out of your window onto that beautiful animal. I'm sure that a week after you retire you will wonder how ever you had time to work lol.
Annie x #14

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Kay, I agree, how fabulous to look out the window and see such a majestic creature. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #9 XxX

Kathyk said...

FAB shawl and deer pic



Robyn said...

Love your shawl, and your special visitor! better your place than mine! Deer are very destructive here.
Robyn 6

Lillianb said...

Thank you for you kink comment about me knitting,


Lilian B

Neet said...

I am so pleased to see you posting Kay. Miss you when you are not around.
July will come quick enough - then you can begin to "live" and enjoy life so much more. Just enjoy the salary at the moment LOL.
Lovely photo, it must be great to see these magnificent animals so close, do they ever become kind of human friendly? Sorry about your Aspen trees, is there nothing you can put around them to protect them?
Hugs & Thanks for the visit - Neet 7 xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Loving the variegated effect of that shawl - lovely colours. Cute deer as well - not every day you see a deer in your back garden, hey? Thanks for visiting earlier! Wishing you a lovely week! zsuzsa #28 said...

Good to see you posting a bit. Just look at that deer! Wow that is amazing!

Andrea said...

Hi, Kay, I've made it and it's still Wednesday ...unusual but good!! WOW, What a stunning shawl the colour variation is beautiful. I'm so jealous of being able to see a deer in your back garden, sorry the trees won't be as happy. I am so pleased this photo did not get lost also.I hope you have a great week and thank you for visiting earlier. Crafty hugs Andrea x #10

Angela Radford said...

Hi there Kay. Lovely shawl, soon you'll have time to make lots more nice things.... what am I saying! I seem to have less time now than when I was working but loving it. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x16x

Carol Norby said...

Beautiful shawl! Love the colors of the yarn. And pretty amazing how the deer just stood there! Yeah, they are destructive unfortunately. Thanks for the visit and hope you have a great week!
Carol N 339

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lovely colours of the shawl, very beautiful indeed. And I love the pic of the deer, how wonderful to have him in your garden though they do destroy trees very quickly. Not long to go to your retirement, woohoo! We've loved every minute of ours 😊
Hugs LLJ 3 xxx

Dorlene Durham said...

The yarn you used in the shawl is so pretty. I love the ombre effect. Thanks for your earlier visit. Yes, the central valley is small and it's so hot right now. We haven't hit the 100's lately, but it's coming soon.
Dorlene #44

Patsy Paterno said...

Hi Kay,
I've never tried to knit. It seems so hard! But I love the shawl you made with the shades of color. And how wonderful to have a deer come by! I only see them in zoos behind fences!

:^) patsy

Sue said...

Kay, What a lovely deer. We see the big Roe deer around here and also the little Muntjac.

The shawl is fab.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #27

lisa said...

Morning Kay. The colours of your shawl are lovely I love the effect on it. Having the deer so close is amazing, I would love to see that although I'm not sure I would want it eating my plants!!!
A cream tea is a jam and cream scone and a cup of tea, very naughty but very delicious!!
Thanks for visiting and lucky you on count down to your retirement.
Hugs Lisax #23

sandra de said...

Lovely to see you back Kay. I am amazed at the deer standing quietly looking at the camera. Lovely to hear you are excited about retiring. Imagine all the lovely knits and crafty things you could be making.
sandra de @11

Connie said...

Kay, your shawl is lovely; I really like the way the yarn goes gently from one color to another. Deer in your backyard, you must be located up in the mountains. I thought with the hay field across from us, that we would have deer, but so far we haven't seen a single one.
Have a great day!
Connie :)

Cheetarah said...

That is a really nice shawl you made! Thanks for the welcome and visiting my desk :) and yeah I hear you, it's seductive seeing all those fun new goodies on display and not to order some yourself right away ;) Have a great week! xo Cheetarah #37

okienurse said...

beautiful colors in your shawl! I should probably pull out some yarn and start working on one for this next medieval festival I will be going to. The purple one I have seems a little small and i want one that covers more. Maybe the deer will move on and leave your aspen is always fun to have wildlife come up in the yard. I am currently fighting with Chuck about rabbits, possums and a squire I am feeding. Oh yes a neighbors cat. He thinks if I don't feed them they will go away...nope I think they would starve. Saw 3 deer back earlier in the spring and a fox...this is in addition to various coyotes, bobcats armadillos etc...yes I live in the middle of OK so I don't know where they are all coming from! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my desk earlier. Vickie #26

BJ said...

Deer in your backyard, how cool is that! Super shawl.
My son's Godfather records at Abbey Road Studios, he's a trumpeter but also is in charge of the overall recording for some movies. They were doing the drum sections for the Smurfs movie and as my son is a drummer he was invited to go and watch them record the soundtrack. Thing is we haven't seen his Godfather since my son was a baby and he was just turning 18yrs!! So it was a super treat in all respects. I love my son's car too, amazingly roomy for a little car too, mine is the middle blue one and his Dad's the last white on in the row. I don't see the point of big cars myself.
Thanks for the visit BJK#5

May said...

Love the shawl, it's so beautiful... the colours are perfect I love the photo of the deer in your garden I normally get a pigeon... lol... what a treat to see him... So in July you will be free... that is how I feel it's so lovely not to have to break my neck each morning to rush to work each day.... and I can read, knit, sew, cook, gardening, visit friends, travel... you will be fine Kay at first it was strange I asked myself if I had done the correct thing but slowly it began to feel the right thing to have done... I turned 60 and after 38 years as a nurse I was tired... my husband is 12 years older than me... so we felt it would be a good time were we are still healthy enough to enjoy the time together as you never know what's ahead... mind you I still wake at the same time each morning and get up but these days no more rushing around I enjoy my morning coffee and take time to look up at the sky It's wonderful... enjoy... Love May #29

Shoshi said...

Beautiful shawl, Kay, it looks like a gorgeous red heart! The deer is stunning. Sorry to hear about your computer woes. Thank you for your lovely comment. The carpenter can't start the work till the beginning of July now but I'm not concerned - I've got so used to using Mum's tiny kitchen that another couple of weeks won't make any difference really. Sadly my hubby had to take Beatrice in to the vet on Wednesday afternoon and have her put to sleep. Phoebe's passing made her decline rapidly and she seemed to lose the will to live without her. We knew we'd probably lose them both this year but never thought it would be in the space of only 3 weeks. We are feeling so lost and sad without them and the house feels horribly empty with no kitties in it. We are busy looking for 2 new little babies to love.

Shoshi #32

Katie @ Arnold's Attic said...

Loving the shawl,
Have a super weekend,
Katie xx44

Nikki C said...

Wow Kay your shawl is looking wonderful. I just finished up making my windows own to cement and clean them which takes 3-4 days but I'm hoping to get you your surprise sent off next week hugs Nikki running late

BJ said...

Hi Kay your link goes to last week's post and I can't seem to find this week's one either.

April Story said...

Love the shawl. And I thought the deer had really big ears until I clicked on the picture. LOL :-)
April #6

Helen said...

I was going to say the same as BJ... Julia's a week ahead, and you're a week behind, lol! Helen #8

Lynn Holland said...

The shawl looks great Kay. I could get addicted to knitting them.
We have deer near us as we are on the edge of a nature reserve and are also surrounded by moorland. Sometimes we get a glance of the whole family of these beautiful creatures
Lynn xx 12

Anne said...

Like the shawl Kay. I love being retired, but it's true what they say - I don't know how I had time to go to work :-) Have a good week. Anne x #17

Sarah Brennan said...

I like the shawl. What a fabulous view from your window. Good luck with the last few weeks of work. That's my last day too, but only until September lol. Sarah #28

Diane Futrell said...

Your shawl is lovely. Love your deer!

Have a great day!
Diane F #27

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi Kay, this week old post from 14 th is linked over to WOYWW on 21st at Julia's, not sure why, but just thought you may not know.
Re your image not bring there, I fined it happens sometimes on my computer, if I close out of the programme and then reload it it will appear,not sure why. Or if it's same in your case.
Thanks for sharing yourspace, love the deer!
Shaz in Oz.x

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