Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Smiles

Hello everyone!  It's a lovely Friday here; oh, but I started the day with a dental appointment at 8:30 a.m.!  What was I thinking?!?  I thought I'd join Annie for Friday Smiles.  To join in or see what others are smiling about click  HERE.
I hope you all had a wonderful week and look forward to the weekend!  What better way than to see what makes others smile!  My dogs are still up to their antics but I won't bore you with more pics of them. 
This is my nephew playing on the varsity high school basketball team.  Yes, he's tall (6'3") and lean.  I wish I would have gotten a bit of that family gene as I'm 5'3" and vertically challenged!  I love watching him play.  Sometimes his feet get in his way.  He's a junior (11th grade) so I'll have one more year of watching him.  They won this game on Monday against an excellent rival.  Go Toppers!!

Go Number 42!! 

 And here's the funny part!  I couldn't resist this card.  I love the artwork and the saying had me laughing out loud.  I hope you can make it out.  If not "Hey..... I believe I've got your goat"  tee hee

Have a wonderful weekend!



donna garner said...

Hi Kay, thanks for coming to see my desk, I am way behind on visits, and I like to read the posts that follow, one reason I was late on Weds was because of a dental visit... after 18 months of work I get my new teeth next week! yay...necessary but not enjoyable, have a lovely weekend, see you next weds.. Donna (doone from WOYWW)

Annie said...

He's tall and you must be very proud of him.....I'm only 5 foot so would def look up to him 😀 I'm sure youth are getting taller! Hope all went well at the dentist....not my fav place to go.
Annie x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kay, oh my, but he is tall. Like you, I'm vertically challenged, (5'1") and I so wish I wasn't. It would make life so much easier. I swear the folk who design kitchens are all six footers too as I need a stepladder to get to the topmost shelves!!! Hope that early morning visit to the dentist went well. Have a very happy weekend. Elizabeth xx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Kay, not sure what they feed kids on these days but they do seem taller unlike my 5' though I do tend to find people very helpful in the supermarket or maybe I just scare them when they see me climbing up to reach the higher shelves Lol! Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

Hi Elizabeth. Your nephew is the perfect build for a basketball player. One of my sons played for the county for a while but like me, he is also vertically challenged, so he did well to get that far.
Your card did make me smile. keep smiling. It's what keeps the world going round. Kate x

Craftychris said...

Well done to your Nephew's team winning the match! He is definitely built for basketball. Your card made me smile - fabulous! I hope you are over your visit to the dentist. xxx

Di said...

Hi there Kay! Thanks for calling by - I'd seen this post and thought I'd already commented! Wow, your nephew got the tall genes for sure :)

You'll LOVE the Misti - and it would be fabulous if you can call by for a go on the Playground swings!

Love from both Len and myself

Di xx

Connie said...

Just a note to let you know that you are missed :)