Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Smiles

Hello everyone!  It's a lovely Friday here; waiting for the next snow to start.  I thought I'd join Annie for Friday Smiles.  To join in or see what others are smiling about click  HERE.

I'm having a great time getting settled in my new home.  The walls are plaster so I haven't hung much on the walls yet.  What really makes me happy is how comfortable the dogs are in their new home!  Katie (here) and Muffin (below) are so happy with their front yard view and the large backyard.

Katie still enjoying the swivel chair.  She loves laying there and watching me - lately working in my planner.
Muffin still happy on the couch.  Except she likes jumping onto the swivel chair when Katie isn't there.  Sometimes both of them lay on the chairs, one in each.  Silly girls.
They still enjoy jumping up on the couch to look out at the yard.  I bought a king size blanket and have that over the couch now.  At least I can remove that and wash all the muddy paw prints off!
Here they both are, sharing one of the chairs.  That's my bathrobe they are laying on.

 I love my girls.




Annie said...

Oh how lovely. Angela has shared her fur babies too this week. We all get so much pleasure from our pets don't we? Yours have really made me smile today so thanks for sharing them.
Annie x

Lisca Meijer said...

It's great that your fur babies have adapted themselves so well in their new environment. I love that last photo of doggie looking out of the window.
I've also read your WOYWW blog post and I must say I love that burnt orange trolley. When I bought mine they didn't have that colour. (mine is teal).
Have a good W/E,

Connie said...

I am sure that they love having a yard to play in and how nice that you don't have stairs to climb anymore. Pretty girls :)

Angela Radford said...

They are gorgeous Kay but then you know I am a dog lover. You would laugh if you saw Maisie and Stan as I have always cleaned their feet when they come in and now they lift their legs up one at a time when they see the 'wet ones' though I must say Stan can't count and when you have cleaned two feet he thinks that's it Lol! Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

Kelly said...

Pretty girls... and pretty spoiled, I imagine. Congrats on settling into your new home. If the dogs feel at home then this is the place you are meant to be. They know. What kind of dog is Muffin. I buy King sized sheets to cover our recliners as well as our bed. much easier to pull of and dehair. I toss mine in the dryer with a generic dryer sheet to pull some of the hair off before tossing in the washer. Less change of clogging the washer drain. Creative Blessings! Kelly

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi Kay thanks ever so much for popping over!!! I'm loving the fact you're all so settled in your new abode, well done!!!
Thanks for sharing your smiles - happy smiles day, which is everyday really 😁!
Shaz in Oz.x

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{Thank You Candy at Shaz in Oz Blog}

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kay, what a lovely post! Your dogs are delightful and it is so nice to see them enjoying their new surroundings, even if it is at the cost of your wardrobe :) Elizabeth xx

mamapez5 said...

It is so good that your furry gals have settled in so well. It helps you to settle in too doesn't it. I am sure they enjoy a big yard to run in. We have blankets etc on all our chairs. The dogs are a bit too big to climb on the furniture, but I have long-haired cats too, and they leave fluff and garden debris on all the chairs. But I love them all to bits, so I do what I have to do, so that I can offer visitors a hairless seat. Kate x

MaryH said...

Kay, I'm so pleased that you are settled in your new home, and that you AND your furbabies are comfortable there. It's so cute to see them enjoying the view. Having the blanket on the sofa is a great idea, easy to throw in the washer frequently, as opposed to having the sofa cleaned! So good to hear things are stabilizing for you, with the house sale, new home purchase, and getting things placed just as you want them! Hope the snow wasn't too bad, and big hugs coming your way! TFS