Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Hello everyone.  I'm joining in with Julia for WOYWW.  Go to her blog HERE  to join in the fun or have a good snoop at craft spaces all around the world!

I'm getting settled into my new home.  I had promised myself that I'd have the rest of the house pretty much done before I really dug into my craft room.  I can't believe I've actually held myself to it.  This weekend I'll be able to get in there and start organizing, getting sidetracked at what I find, wondering where certain things are, etc.

This is the status of the craft room right now.
 The bookshelves are almost full of books.... oh my.  That's where I was going to put some of my craft supplies.  I'll have to rethink some things.  The bookshelves, desk and turquoise chair are new.  The turquoise dresser I had in my living room in the old place - same with the area rug (that you can barely see under the clutter).  I also have craft supplies outside in a storage area.  Yikes!

I took a class over the weekend at Guadalupe's Rubber Stamp Store in Santa Fe.  Here's a picture of my finished project.  I'll write a full post about it later.
Thank you for visiting.  Please leave your number as I will try to visit those that visit me and also those that end in the same number.  It will be either late Wednesday or later by the time I get around.  Work is still getting in the way of REAL life!



Angela Radford said...

So much self control Sue. It must have been killing you to get started on the craft room! Have a great woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x 23

Christine said...

Smashing craftroom, you will soooo enjoy it when you eventually get in there, especially as you have nothing else to do except craft!!!! Enjoy.
Happy 400th and have a good week
Christine #22

Di said...

Hi Kay! How fabulous to see your new craft room as a work in progress. It looks huge to me! And you can imagine how green I was about your spending time at Guadalupe Stamps in Santa Fe. That was one of the very best and happiest of holidays ever, not least because of the wonderful times we spent together. Times I really treasure - and Len does too - even though we did take him to the wire a coupla times in craft shops, he was sooooo good.

Love and hugs from us both

Di xx

Tracy said...

love the project you made at the class. Have fun organising your stash it's amazing how you you find when you do that :D Tracy #31

Darlene said...

reorganizing LOL like having christmas all over again with the finds I am sure ! enjoy the new room.
Darlene #39

Helen said...

Glad you are settling in, and hope you get your craft room sorted soon so you can play!! Happy 400th Helen #1

Neet said...

Hi Kay
Lovely to see you posting on here. I do like your craft room and am sure it will all fall into place one day soon. Love the colour you have chosen for your chair and cupboard. Perhaps the books could go elsewhere? I am suffering with book overload at home LOL. Just bought another one, oh dear!
Hugs, Neet 10 xx
ps have a good week

Lindart said...

I love the cat bag! Glad to see you're getting settled, I'm sure you will have your new craft room sorted out soon! Happy 400th, and thanks for sharing! Lindart #47

Nikki C said...

Yah Kay Finally moving out of the closet to a space to fill with inspiration Congrats on the new crafty space. Happy 400 too and Have a wonderful weekend hugs Nikki 2

BJ said...

Hope you get your craft room sorted soon, loving the turquoise chest of drawers, chair and curtains etc. Thanks for the visit BJ#29