Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Smiles - 178

Hello peeps.  I'm joining in with Annie at A Stitch In Time.   I hope everyone has had a great and creative week.   I've been creative in stashing ALL my art supplies.  It was a crazy time but the house looks nice and clean!  I listed my house on a local Facebook yard sale site and sent flyers to friends asking them to spread the word.  I have a nibble - a pretty good nibble!  She came over last Sunday to check it out and she really likes it!  Woo hoo.  She's a seamstress so she understands about craft clutter (yay).  I'm meeting with her tomorrow to go over some things and we'll see if I get an offer.  Keep your fingers crossed and send those positive vibes out into the world please!

Here's the reason I'm doing this now.  I had decided to wait until retirement to try to sell my place but when opportunity is at the door sometimes you just have to go with it.  Two of my friends are selling their half duplex.  They called me when I was in Alaska and said they were buying another house and wanted to give me first option to purchase it.  At the time I was feeling like this couldn't happen - but it might. 

My smiles this week is the front yard of my potential new home.  We ate dinner on the patio and enjoyed the sound of the stream. 

They have all types of birds and wildlife visit the pond.  Luckily no bears so far.  Talk about a peaceful retreat right in your own front yard!  I will have a learning curve on maintenance but my friends won't be too far - the house they are buying is right around the corner!

It more than likely will be late Saturday when I come to visit.  I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend!



Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh Kay, I pray your home sell for you at this time and to a fellow crafter would be ever so nice so praying for God's great mercy for you. I know how hard it can be to seek your house over there, or anywhere really.
The possible new place is lovely.
Thanks for sharing,
Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had planned to stop by your blog and thank you for the recent lovely comment you left, when up popped this one with such positive and hopeful news. I sincerely wish you the best in this because that new place is a genuine beauty. Have a super Friday and wonderful weekend, too.

Annie said...

Oh wow Kay I can see why you're smiling. I'm sending you lots of positive vibes hoping all your dreams come true.
Annie x

Neesie said...

Wow Kay... sometimes opportunity comes to call when we least expect it. The house looks perfect and so peaceful too. I think you truly have great friends giving you the first option to buy this. It's even better that they will be near too hand to give you any advice or help if you need it.
If it feels right then grab it with both hands. Good luck!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

How fantastic it would be if all that worked out perfectly 😃 Fingers crossed it all goes well for you, Kay 💖💖

Sandee Setliff said...

For a minute I thought you were moving to Alaska! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Lisca Meijer said...

Oh that put a smile on my face to see your potential new yard! Beauty! I hope it all goes to plan. If not, you have cleaned and tidied your house!
Have a lovely week,

Robyn Oliver said...

Oh my goodness Kay - I would so love to live in a house with that gorgeous I hope all goes well for your sale - oh wow I'm amazed and envious...good luck and have a super weekend Cheers Robyn said...

What a beautiful place; keeping my fingers crossed for you dear!

Lynn Holland said...

Oh I do hope it all comes off for you Kay, the new house looks wonderful.
If would have to be a true crafter to buy my house, anyone else would do a runner if they saw the state of it haha
LYnn xx

Angela Radford said...

How exciting Kay, I do hope everything works out for you. I love siting near our pond it'd so calming except of course when I came home the other day and found one of the Koi had jumped out but he was lucky I found him and not the heron. Happy weekend, Angela x

mamapez5 said...

Oh Kay, what a beautiful home that would be. I really hope you can sell your's in time to buy it.
Sending all the positive vibes I can. Kate x

Connie said...

Dear Sweet Kay, please let us know how things are going . . . I am hoping that you are just so busy moving that you don't have time for blogging. Just know that you are truly missed.
Your blogging sister,

Nikki C said...

Kay this is wonderful and such a lovely front yard it's a mini vacation every time you step out your door so fantastic may everything go perfect and she takes your old place hugs Nikki

Nikki C said...

Still waiting on Canada post pretty sure they are working like snails seeing they are still trying to bargain for things Uggg the slow process of it all ... :)
Hope this next deal goes through too