Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Smiles - Week 70!

Hello everyone.  Happy Friday!  The end of another week.  I'm linking up with Annie at  A Stitch In Time.   If you need a smile and a happy day visit and hopefully a smile will be brought to your face (and maybe even a giggle).

This week I'm sharing photos of my family.  I'm a big animal person; always had a pet growing up and have always had at least one dog in my life.

This is Muffin.  She's a poodle that I adopted from the local Shelter.  She's full of personality and love.   We were lucky to find eachother.  She had been adopted and was returned to the Shelter within a month.  Turns out she has lots of allergies.   I was a bit mislead by the Shelter as to the extent of what was going on with her.  Let's just say that I've invested a mini-vacation on Muffin.  Bless her heart.  I have to give her shots every other week and pills at least three times a week.  She's a trooper and I love her.
This little cutie pie is Poppy.  She's a yellow sided green cheek conure.  She can say her name and "sweetheart."  Now, I KNOW she's talking to me when she says that!  I've heard her mimic my laugh but she doesn't do that too often.  When she hears the key in the lock as I arrive home she starts whistling, alerting Muffin and Katie to my arrival. 
This little sweetie is Katie.  She's a dog that I was fostering.  Have you heard that story?  You volunteer to foster a dog until it finds a home?  Well, I flunked the fostering part!  She had a very difficult life before arriving at my house.  I've had her for about nine years and she's still a bit skittish when meeting new people.  Bless her heart.  Her muzzle and ears were solid black when I got her.  She loves laying out in the backyard despite having a doggie door and can lounge on the furniture.  She was excited when Muffin joined the family as her previous companion, Daisy, had passed away.  Muffin has even taught Katie how to play!  Can you imagine a dog not knowing how to play?  My little love.

These three bring smiles to my face, happiness to my heart and warmth to my soul.



Connie said...

Good Morning Kay, it looks like you have a lot of love around your home. Animals are so selfless and caring.
Happy Memorial Day!
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Craftychris said...

They have brought huge smiles to my face, thank you! xxx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, Kay, this brought tears of joy to my eyes! What a sweet, sweet post. We are without pets by choice, but you sure have me giving that whole thing a rethink! You are truly blessed with these loves in your life!! Enjoy the long weekend!! Hugs, Darnell

Di said...

Oh Kay, what a lovely post! How uplifting to see your girls and to know how loved they are.

Big happy smiles from here

Lots of love Di and Len xxx

Annie said...

I'm a real animal lover too so can well understand how much joy they give you. Thanks for sharing your special friends this week.
Annie x

Nan G said...

What sweethearts! And yes, I'm talking about you too, Kay. :) After my 22 yr old cat (UBZ) passed on I tried to be without and couldn't. Not even a year later the Girls found their way into my heart and home. Smiles all around today. Thanks!

Hettie said...

Awww Bless you. What beautiful babies you have.
We have been lucky enough to have three rescue dogs since we have been married. The first was found in a skip in the middle of winter, the second was a King Charles Spaniel which only knew life in a cage as a stud til it was too old (around 3) and did not know how to play. Our current is a darling with only 1 eye, but we love him.
They are the best as they have known hard life.
PS I think we both need to work on Darnell!

Anne said...

Super post Kay and your darling family brought a smile to my face. Hugs Anne x

Anne said...

Super post Kay and your darling family brought a smile to my face. Hugs Anne x

scrappymo! said...

What a heartwarming post, Kay. You made my day reading this!

fairy thoughts said...

hi kay yes smiling..... i looked fostering in thedictionary and it said dog fostering also means .. re~homing hehe. but how could you not love that cute face. my dog rosie wakes me up most days at 4.30 ... yes it annoys me ....but whaat can you do .....part of the family

Judys Fabrications said...

Oh Kay, what a soft heart you have!!I love your "broken-down" pets.They are the best kind aren't they?!!Animals know when you're kind, and it is so lovely to see a previously timid animal start to feel confident,.Wonderful!
Judy xx said...

These little ones bring a smile to my face. My Maggie has a flea bite allergy...Major! We've done steroid shots, benedryl for I finally figured it out how to handle that...just don't let her out! But I'm afraid all the steroids have taken a toll. She is 12 and I'm hoping I have a few more good years!

mamapez5 said...

I love your post this week. Animals are very important to us too. I especially love Katie. She is beautiful. I have a rescue dog that is still nervous and we have had her for four years. She spent the first four months of her life in a foxhole, fending for herself, and she still likes to curl up in little corners. I think she stands in awe of the other two who are much bigger than her.But they are all our family now, and I love them all. Kate x

Redanne said...

Oh Kay, what a beautiful post, I did smile but with a huge load of tears in my eyes (happy ones). They are all remarkable pets and you are a remarkable lady! Long may you give each other joy! Hugs, Anne xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah lovely post Kay.. and am so with you on the fostering would be the same how could you not be.. mind you dont have any pets as flat out managing myself with popping pills and ills let along another to care for :D but still adore others folks.. and can see why they win your heart.. both moppets are so lovely and so is the wee bird! cute how he warns the pups!
my outside wild birds are my pets.. :D Shaz in Oz.x

Laura said...

Rather late visiting the smiles - I'm calling them Tuesday Smiles instead!
What a pretty collection you have - never seen that type of conure before - brilliant colouring. Thanks for the smiles!

Angela Radford said...

I cannot imagine life without my animal family.
We lost Morris our Cockatiel last year and I miss him lots, he had no fear of the dogs and his manners were impeccable. If you put something in his cage he always said "thank you".
I think birds are a lot more intelligent than we give them credit for.
Thanks for sharing these lovely photos, Angela x

Mary said...

Kay, What a wonderful post. Your photos are perfect. You have 3 very lucky babies. Aren't rescue animals just perfect. And sometimes I wonder who rescued who! Hugs to your babies from mine! It angers me that any animal has to be in a shelter. I wish I could take them all!