Saturday, June 30, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - movie review

First off, this is not my usual genre of movies. 
I just might go see it again. 

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is exactly what you would expect from the title.   A  fun action-horror flick.  I hadn't read the book so did not really know what to expect.   The action scenes just blew me away.  Yes, they were bloody, but also well done.   If you don't mind seeing vampires getting hacked, slashed, and bashed to death in a wide variety of ways, you'll enjoy this movie.

I promise, I haven't gone over to the dark side.  Just to prove it, I'm going to go see "People Like Us" today.  Why the sudden movie bonanza?  Well, my house doesn't have air conditioning and the movie theater does!



sandee said...

woo hoo, I am going to check out the book, I didn't even think about doing that...and 50 Shades of Grey...probably will be on another wait list! lol And you poor girl, no air conditioner? wow...what are the temps down there? It's 95 degrees here! Stay cool girl!waving hi from the "too hot for this mama without a pool" hills of North Carolina :)

Elizabeth said...

Horror movies are not my cup of tea ... and that's despite studying a course on that particular genre, entitled 'Thrilling Audiences', at university!?!? However, I can't think of a better reason than yours to go to the movies :) We tend to watch our movies at home now but then with our weather we are cool enough! Waving Hi from the rainy coast of Ayrshire :)

Connie said...

Hi Kay, I love what you said about going to the movies because your house doesn't have A/C and the movie theater does. Great Line . . .for a movie, LOL. Have a great 4th of July. Connie :)

Victoria said...

Not really my thing so glad you're going to see another movie soon! Glad you enjoyed it though!

scrapwordsmom said...

We saw this one last week. My family loved it!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hello Kay, just read you comment on my Sunday Roast post and had to let you know that you are not going crazy, that is a new profile shot of me ... I've grown my hair so it was time for a change :) Look forward to seeing what comes out of the mess you have been making. Have seen the reports about the storms around Washington and the massive fire in Colorado - at least I think that's where it was, wherever, it all looks pretty devastating ... what a summer!!! Waving hi from rainy Scotland. Elizabeth x

mark gould said...

i was hooked on wanting to see this after about 5 seconds of the trailer lol, glad to know its good as I have not made it to see it yet.
Im glad your getting your mojo back, look forward to seeing your weds post

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Do you have swamp cooling? Or nothing at all? We used to have swamp which is useless during the rainy season because of the humidity, so we saw all sorts of movies, like movies we wouldn't see otherwise and some we wouldn't admit to seeing afterward. I sort of wanted to see this movie but I think I spend too much time in front of the idiot box (TV or movie, same difference) as it is so I opted out. I bought the book though and look forward to reading it.