Friday, May 25, 2012

Project Pinterest

This post is all about Project Pinterest hosted by Sandee over at In the Hills of North Carolina.  I must admit, I spend a lot more time pinning things than using what I've pinned.  Project Pinterest is the perfect catalyst to get my pin on!  If you are on pinterest why not join in on the fun!  Link up with Sandee and share what you've created.

I found this project and thought it would be another easy peasy project - and I'm right!  You just need to know how to knit.
Original source HERE
The bracelet is knitted using the i-cord stitch.  There's some videos on You Tube that you can check out.  Here's the basics:
  1. Using double pointed needles (I used size 1), cast on three stitches
  2. Knit one row 
  3. Do not turn the work.  Just slip your work to the other end of your double pointed needle.  Your working yarn will be at the "wrong" end of your work.
  4. Pull the working yarn tightly along the back of your work and knit the next row. 
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have I-cord of your desired length.
  6. Bind off.
  7. Attach a button and make a button loop at one end of the i-cord.
I made my bracelet long enough to go around my wrist three times.  It's going to look great with all my summer tops.  
After writing down the i-cord directions I can see how it sounds confusing.  Just dig in and try it.  These would make cute little gifts.  I'm going to make some and put them in my etsy shop.  

Don't forget to go over to Sandee's and see what others are doing.



scrapwordsmom said...

Awesome idea!! Kay you are just so fun:)

Roudi said...

How lovely and easy! This is one of the projects that make me thankful for learning how to knit last year! :D

Awesome color combo btw. ;)

sandee said...

Blogger problems all the way around it seems, so here is my second attempt: I was saying how funny it it that you have a "hey,girl" board too, and I went and snagged some of them from you! I love the bracelet you made, you are very talented. We are going to host Project Pinterest only once a month now, so look for it on the 10th of every month, thanks for posting the Featured button on your blog, that makes me smile! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

S said...

Cute bracelets - my daughter would love those. And apparently I'm not following the most interesting boards on Pinterest - but then again who has time.

SarahinSC said...

Those are so cute! The directions were in a foreign language. I don't know how to knit and I wish I did!

Craftychris said...

Cool bracelets! Love the colours. xx

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Lovely wrist bands ;)), great summery colours! I keep thinking to myself to look through my older pins and either get inspired & create or delete lol ;)) xx