Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Kind of Roadblock!

First of all - thanks to all my followers!  I know there are lots of blogs and the fact that you've chosen to follow mine means so much to me.  I appreciate each and every one of you!!!

I'm back from a road trip.  
I drove to Colorado to visit a friend of mine.  
On the way up I encountered a roadblock.  
Check it out.
Holy moly - a horse in the middle of the highway!
 There are wild horses throughout New Mexico and Colorado. 
Just beautiful.
This little one had an itch that needed scratching.

There were three foals in this group.
Hello there (see the weed hanging from her mouth?)
My little bug.
Katie was such a great travelling companion!


sandee said...

Did katie want to go out and meet the horses? I do think that is pretty awesome to see wild horses, I never have, and how lucky there was no traffic either! The closest thing I came to that kind of road block was a cow, but that was typical for Tennessee! HA! Now you have to go visit all my post from while you were gone, so you can catch up! Joking! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ":)

Karen said...

WOW Kay such amazing photos, they are all stunning.

Hugs, Karen xx

joan bowell said...

Kay, those wild horses just look amazing - what a sight to come by. I'd love to see that. I'm utterly smitten with Katie - she has a precious face. I've posted the winning bids from my auction whenever you have a moment to stop by my blog.
Hug from Joan
p.s. I don't know why I'm not signed in as God's Little People!

Connie said...

Kay, I love going on your adventures with you. It's the next best thing to being there. Your Katie is adorable. I'll bet she makes traveling an even bigger pleasure, what a sweetie. You have fun on your trip and be safe, Connie :)

fairy thoughts said...

wow fab photos, the horses look amazing and very happy to pose for the camera. We have semi wild ponies near where i live in England (called The New Forest) and strangely I went there today. The big difference is the traffic, we cannot stop on the road we would get run over, but that's England for you!!!!!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I had to scroll down to check out the wild horses. So cool! I giggled at the picture of Katie-so attentive.

Margo@Legacy of a Single Girl said...

Is this the Katie that doesn't like her picture taken? How cute is SHE!! Those horses are the most beautiful creatures I strong yet so regal all at once. Gorgeous shots! Hope your trip was relaxing.
Hugs from Arizona,