Friday, November 25, 2011

Valle Caldera

In September a friend visited from Colorado.  One of our outings was to the Valle Calderas in the Jemez Mountains.  She wanted to visit the Calderas so we took a little ride up the mountain.  Some of it isn't so pretty; we had the largest fire in state history (150,000 acres) this summer so the scars are there - and will be for decades.  We've been getting rain so there is a blanket of greenery amongst the burned trees.

Today there is a new dusting of snow on the mountain.  We really need a lot more moisture than what we've gotten so far. 

Thanks for visiting!!

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Di said...

Terrific photos - as always. Nope, your comment about our odd UK eating habits wasn't at all offensive honey - haven't you read some of the things folk say in their comments on my blog. Besides which, I only like liver cooked in a couple of dishes. Mind, you, I adore turkey, cooked every which way but especially roasted - hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Do you do the turkey wishbone tradition? Ha, maybe got you thinking there :) Hope your weekend has been fun! Di xx