Sunday, November 6, 2011

More of San Francisco!

First let me tell you about the arts and crafts fair.  Overall I did pretty well.  I sold three of my four button bouquets and about six sets of my spa cltohs (thanks Stephanie for suggesting the name!) aka dish/face cloths.  I also sold dish/face cloths individually and sold about half of my supply.  I was surprised at the number of cards that I sold.  It was fun to be next to good friends. 

Here's more of San Francisco.  Can you tell I went camera crazy?
We walked to  Old Saint Mary's Cathedral.  We entered this very old church and there was a small orchestra playing.  What a nice break from walking around.  
What amazing architecture

We stopped at this little french bistro for lunch. 

Chicken sandwich with a great salad
From there we caught the cable car to go down to the Wharf.  We passed Lombard Street.  We thought we'd walk down it but decided not to.  We were both getting tired of walking by then -- but we did have enough energy to walk to Ghirardelli Square.

We were surprised to stumble upon the 18th annual shuck and swallow contest.

We watched in amazement.  We didn't stay to hear who won - it would have taken them quite a while to count all those empty shells.  I wonder how many pearls were swallowed?  Enough to make a pearl necklace?

The following are random photos from our day.

Bay Bridge

 Coit Tower in Nob Hill

I loved this roof line among the skycrapers in the Financial District

There was a vender setiing up with the most beautiful orchids.
An example of the streets in San Francisco with the Bay Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
I still have more photos of this great city so will be devote another post to the city by the bay.

Thanks for visiting!!


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

So glad the sale of goodies went well and do love the pickies yo had a great time and no do not like oysters so would not line up for the shuck and swallow, :D
God bless, Shaz in Oz.x

Di said...

Super photos - and so good to hear that the sale went really well! Well done :) Di xx

JeMA said...

Thanks for the tour! Congrats on your sales!

I really appreciate ALL of the info you shared with sounds like a great place to visit. I am really looking forward to it and all of the artsy stuff.

Zaa said...

Thanks for the San Tour ..It was fun.... Sound like a great sale too ... Hurray !!!... Hugs

Margo said...

Congrats on your sale! And I know what you mean about San Francisco; I've only been there once but it sticks to you huh? I need to go back!

fairy thoughts said...

well done on your sale, I know it is real special when people are prepared to part with money for something you have made!
thanks for your nice comments on my blog
the pictures of SF are amazing I especialy like the mistyone .... very atmospheric