Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cupcake Wars - Really?!?

During my vacation my friend and I wandered around Manhattan Beach.  I spotted this great photo op - take a look: did you ever watch that show "Pimp My Ride"? Well, this bicycle kind of reminded me of that show.

Love the leis and coconut head!

Then we turn around to see this.  Dreams we didn't even know we had were answered.

I've heard of the show Cupcake Wars on the Food Network but have never watched it.  We HAD to go inside to see what this is all about.  The name of the store is Cupcakes Couture of Manhattan Beach.  

This photo doesn't do the cupcakes justice.  I had the one that looks like it has a blue wave.  Coconut flavoring (didn't realize I was keeping a theme until just now).

That bicycle is better than a neon sign.  Definitely a great marketing device.  Both of us enjoyed our little bite of heaven!


Legacy of a Single Girl said...

Oh my gosh! That bike is awesome!! Thanks so much for your sweet encouragement on my blog...I got your hug! Thank you!!!!

Scrapcollectr said...

You asked a question last week and this week on my blog so I'm coming here to answer them. (Dont know if I should answer them on my blog, too...) 1. You asked if 67 was on top of the cake on my card last week and the answer is yes, but it isn't a birthday card, it's an anniversary card for my in-laws!
2. Yes, I did use distress ink on my little sentiment tag this week. I like the softness of the Antique Linen color. I use a triangular shaped sponge to rub ink on the edges. It gives a nice effect. I like Vintage Photo, too, but it's a little too dark sometimes. Hope that helps. *smile*

Polly Polkadot said...

I don't know how else to send you an answer ... but a fortnight is 2 weeks. We Brits aren't strict about it e.g. it might be Saturday to the Sunday (covering 2 weeks)but I have a recollection that to the French it is precise - Saturday morning until Friday night.
Love the idea of cupcake wars!

Di said...

Hello honey!!! I finally managed to add myself as a follower - hadn't been able to before. Man, Blogger can be a real pain at times. I owe you an email, so glad you had a great holiday and I' email ASAP. Wedding stationery in full flow here :( Di xx