Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Smiles 196

Hello everyone.  I'm joining in with Annie to share this week's smiles.  You can check out what everyone has to be happy about HERE .

I've been busy trying to get settled into my new home.  I'm so excited that I will have my very own designated craft room!  The house is all on one level, which is the primary reason for moving.  No more stairs is a good thing!

This week I'm sharing a photo of Katie.  She usually runs out of the room when I pick up my phone to take a picture; she's just camera shy I guess.  This time she didn't see it coming!  She was so exhausted from watching the movers and me unpacking.
 The dogs love their new backyard.  It's much larger than what they had before.  Not to mention the smells of wildlife such as skunks, raccoons and deer!
In the evenings the lighting out there is terrible.  A friend told me about collars that glow in the dark.  I think I might give those a try.
 Here's one of the neighbors.  Isn't he just beautiful!

I will try to get around to see what's bringing smiles to your face, although it may not be until the weekend.  I have a load of errands to run today!



Lynn Holland said...

Wow what a fabulous visitor. We have small deer in the nature reserve near our house and ive seen them from time to time.
I hope you enjoy your new home Kay and someone looks settled already haha
Lynn xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh my gosh! Wildlife for neighbors. Are coyotes a concern for your dogs? My cats would LOVE to see a deer out the window. They'd make all their hunting sounds, as if! Our move was to a more urban place. They can watch the city bus go by.

Annie said...

It's so good to see you're settling into your new home with all its benefits including such amazing neighbours. How lucky are you.
Annie x

mamapez5 said...

Wow I like the neighbour! What fun to have all that wild-life around you, though I guess it can be a nuisance too at times. Katie looks very at home already. I am sure glad that we have no stairs now, though there are a couple of steps at both the front and back doors. i hope you soon feel really at home there. Kate x

Robyn Oliver said...

Oh my goodness Kay, do you have a deer with antlers living next door...for us in Australia that is weird, but then I suppose some folk here in the country have kangaroos. SOOOO glad you're settling in, new home how exciting, a craft room too, wonderful...well I hope all the unpacking goes smoothly and quickly so you can get sorted and to work at your craft. Have a fab week cheers Robyn

Kay G. said...

Hey Kay!
You will have your own craft room? Lucky you!

I am also Kay, happy to find you! :-)

tilly said...

enjoy your new home and craft room, what a beautiful animal, nice to see so close-up, hope you soon settle in

SandeeNC said...

What an awesome picture of your "neighbor" glad you found a place you love and can finally expand your craft making now! woo hoo!!

Connie said...

Hi Kaye, Sorry I missed this post until today. I am sure not having stairs is a huge plus. I can't imagine carrying things up and down stairs, not at my age. It is wonderful that you have a nice big backyard for your dogs. Maybe even a garden bed or two :) Well, I know that you must be super busy these days . . . moving is not for sissies, it's hard work.
Wishing you the best.
Connie :
P.S. beautiful neighbor!