Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Smiles

Hello peeps.  I'm joining in with Annie at A Stitch In Time.   I hope everyone has had a great and creative week.   I haven't really been creative in the usual way.  I have had a week of fun and some silliness though.  Monday was a holiday for me so I had a great day of relaxation and lunch with friends.  Muffin and Katie have been having a great time.  Not sure if it's the change in weather but they've been feisty girls.  Last night Katie went up to the landing and turned around as if to tell me that it's time for bed!  She was right, of course.

I've been a bad blogger.  I've kind of been in a slump for what seems like a year now.  Bugger.  The first buyer for my house fell apart; she couldn't get the funding.  She did have a pre-approval letter so who knows what really went on.  I have another seller and hopefully this will come together.  I've been mentally involved in all the mess of selling and buying.

For whatever reason I've been more active on Facebook lately.  Actually, I've been selling some things on a local yard sale site.  It's worked out quite well.  

Here's something I found that really gave me a chuckle.
 Yes, I'm at that stage in life where I can no longer kick up my heels, even if I was inclined to!

I hope everyone is doing well and have a great weekend!




Annie said...

Hehehe I have a feeling that's the stage in life a lot of us are at Kay.....I love a good knitting party.
Annie x

Lisca Meijer said...

Oh yes, I can identify with that! (chuckle).
I'm sorry to hear the sale of the house fell thru. I hope you find another buyer soon.
Have a good week,

Angela Radford said...

Hi Kay. I hope the house sale gets sorted soon, not surprised you've not felt much like crafting. However, do have a good weekend, Angela x

Connie said...

Hi Kay, that quote painted a mental picture in my mind of you sitting in a comfy chair with your feet up, a party hat on your head and your knitting needles ticking away . . . party on sister!
Here's to selling your home very soon.
Connie :)

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Kay and happy Friday. Nice to see you back blogging, same for me, life got a bit hectic in other areas. Had a chuckle with knitting party, I think I could join in there - more relaxing and not so telling on the old body. Anyway and a wonderful weekend, fingers crossed for the house sale, Cheers Robyn

mamapez5 said...

Hi Kay. I have managed to keep my Friday posts going but there has not been much craft going on all through this year. I am trying to get back into it now, but there never seems time to write a post about what I make. I am getting more into my crochet now as I find it easier on my shoulders to hold the smaller pieces, but Yes, your little quote at the end suits me quite well. Yesterday you commented on my post from last week - probably because, as usual, it was nearly today when I posted the new one. Anyway, it was nice to have you come to visit. thank you.
I hope you get some inspiration back once the house sale is sorted. Such a stressful time I kow. Too many highs and lows, but I am sure the ight buyer is out there somewhere, and the right place for you to move in to. Hugs. Kate x

Anne said...

Hi Kay. I've been unable to blog for a while. A long, long story. I do hope you manage to sell soon! Yes a knitting party is my idea of fun now lol xxx

Summer said...

All the best with the other seller! Hugs ♥