Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day and the Single Girl

Single ladies, let's make a pact to not be the person staying home and eating that bag of cookies or chips.  

Treat yourself to something special.  A scarf that really makes your eyes stand out or a pair of shoes that you wouldn't normally spend money on.  If you like flowers buy yourself a bouquet; better yet, buy a orchid.  

Get your other single friends together for a great night out.   Go to that nice restaurant and flaunt your singleness.  It's o.k.

Yep, make the day about you - from you!



Craftychris said...

Go for it! I agree - all single girls should follow your rules and enjoy! I am not single so my hubby and I will be having an Indian takeaway and some drinks! Yum, yum! Have a fab time. Whatever you do! xxx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Cuz if you can't love yourself--you're doomed!

We bought a sofa on VD (good) and then I caught a cold (bad).

Connie said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea . . . if I were single I would want to join you:) if you can't love yourself, how can you expect anyone else too. So, show yourself a little love. Dinner out and a great present is perfect. So Kay, tell me how to showed yourself love on Valentine's Day. Also come on over and see how I used washi tape . . . I'm sure that you have a stash of that cute little tape.
Keep smiling . . . Your blogging sister,

Shoshi said...

Kay, I think this is quite beautiful. Also the idea of having a nice spoily "me" day for the single girl is the most wonderful idea out! I used to feel very left out on Valentine's day before I met my hubby and it can be a sad day for anyone who hasn't got a partner, or who has lost one. What a very sweet idea.

My hubby's Valentine card this year was so sweet - 2 little teddies - in a BAG! Lol! (Bags are about to feature very strongly in our lives from now on!!) I have told him that my card to him is in my head and that will have to do for now, until I am home and more recovered and got my mojo back!!

Thank you for your lovely comment and good wishes for my upcoming surgery. I hope we'll get a date very soon - I'd like to be in this week if they can fix it.