Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Brazos of Northern New Mexico

Last weekend some friends took me along for a ride to the Brazos and Chama.  We had a blast.  First we stopped at Bode's for burgers.  They changed their homemade patties to store bought ones and it just wasn't the same.  They still photographed much better than they tasted!
We continued on our way and I took some photos out of the moving car.  I just held up my camera and clicked, not looking through the viewfinder.  I got lucky!
We drove through Tierra Amarilla towards the Brazos.  Our mission was to find some deer and other wildlife. 
These are mule deer.  There isn't a lot of their normal food available.  This group was waiting by the side of road and had no hesitation to come up and be fed.  We had crackers.  It is always exciting to be so close to nature but yet my heart breaks because of the condition they are in.
This is Keith, one of my friends.   There are three bucks in this photo alone.  
My friend Alyce, surrounded by deer!
We have gotten a lot of snow the last two days.  My work was actually closed yesterday because of it.  

A friend fixed my little netbook so I'm back to using it.  Although I can't help but notice that my Chromebook has a much larger screen.  I'm going to have to crack down and figure out how to download images onto it.

I'll write another post about the other animals we saw on the road trip.  Hawks and wild turkeys!



scrapwordsmom said...

Hello sweet Kay! We were just in New Mexico last week...ate in Albequerque twice. Do you live near there?? We will be there again in March!! said...

As always your photos are amazing. The picture of your plate has made me terribly hungry! And the poor deer must be really struggling to come up to humans for food.

Nikki C said...

OMgosh they are just so close for them to come out of hiding to be fed by you just says how hungry they are.
Hugs Nikki

Connie said...

Hello Kay, it must have been exciting having them come up and eat right out of your hands. It is amazing how wild animals can risk be that close to humans when they are hungry. Around 20 years ago Mount St. Helens blew her top and our town was covered in between 4 and 5 inches of ash. I was out shoveling in off the grass and as I scraped it from the grass the earth worms would come to the surface. There was a little robin sitting on the fence, I picked up a worm and the robin flew over and took it from my hand. I felt like Snow White. It is a shame when things happen that cause the wild life to leave there protected homes and venture into populated areas. I'm sure that you felt like Snow White, too being surrounded by wild deer. The area that you were in is so beautiful. Thanks for taking your camera with you when you travel.
Have a great weekend,
Connie :)

Anne said...

Hello Kay such lovely photos - wonderful scenery you are very lucky. Poor deer. Although other ares of UK had snow ( my grandsons had two days off school last week) we only had a light dusting which soon disappeared. Anne x