Monday, November 10, 2014

Don't You Love a Craft Fair?

Hello everyone!  I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post.  Well, actually, I can.  A lot has been happening around my little abode.  One of which was getting ready for a Craft Fair that I was in on Saturday.

Can you believe I forgot to take my camera?!?  Luckily I had my smart phone so I was able to snap a few photos of my booth.
Sorry for the blur - evidently the two cups of coffee had taken over as the photos are a little blurry.  As usual, my spa cloths were a huge hit!  I started with 44 and I brought five back home!  The display I used for them is a shelf I bought at Hobby Lobby for 30% off and spray painted it off white.  It folds down flat for easy transport.  The plate on the left sold.  It's an old plate that is glued to a candle stick!   The cloth vase didn't sell but it had a lot of lookers; I'm sure to see how I made it!
I sold two of my soy candles I made in Franciscan Desert Rose cups and saucers.  I inherited these dishes from my mom and have never used the cups and saucers.  I saw on pinterest how to make candles in coffee cups.  I went for it and enjoyed making them.  I sold two of the six that I made.  Everyone loved them and reminded so many of their mothers and grandmothers.  

The pink blob is a pink tinsel Christmas tree.  I made ornaments out of clothes pins and it was adorable!  I'll take a better photo and post, promise.  You see my cards there in the stand that my friend made for me.  The cards that sold the most were the Day of the Dead cards.  That surprised me but also made me happy.

Bottom line - I enjoy doing this Craft Fair.  The booth rental is very reasonable and I have repeat customers on the spa cloths.  I made a connection with a woman that has an organic shop in Santa Fe and I may be putting my spa cloths in her shop -- although I will have to ensure the yarn I use is organic.  Hmmm. we'll see how that turns out.

Thank you for visiting.  I know I've been absent for quite some time.  I have lots of ideas for future posts and will hopefully be posting on some regularity.



Annie said...

Hi Kay. It's good to see you. How fab that your craft sale went so well. I'm thrilled for you. Can I be cheeky and ask you what exactly are the spa cloths? I'm making and selling for charity and am always up for any good ideas to raise funds....hope you don't mind me asking.
Annie x

Anne said...

Hello Kay it's good to see you. Your stall looks great. I am preparing for a Christmas Fair - it's to raise funds for Air Ambulance. Not sure how it will go - not done it before. I don't really know what to take, how much to take etc etc. Not stressing though - just see how it goes. Hugs Anne x

Nikki C said...

Oh Kay that all sounds wonderful congrats on selling so much and I have to say OMG I have that exact same fold up shelf it's in my craft room at the moment it's wonderful :) The craft show sounds like alot of fun and congrats on getting that deal for the spa clothes WHoo hooo isn't all cotton and wool organic?

Di said...

Wow Kay! You did brilliantly and your stall looked gorgeous - no wonder you attracted folk! And no wonder those gorgeous spa cloths flew :) I also agree with Nikki that surely cotton and wool is organic. As is bamboo/wool mix isn't it?


Di xx

okienurse said...

Was good to hear from you this week. I am always wondering what you are up to. Love the booth and set up and I am glad to hear you did well. I never thought that Spa clothes would fly out like that. How much are you selling them for? I have been knitting some ever since going to Pennsic last summer with Heather and Michael. I made 3 driving up and back from Pennsylvania and it is easy to just pick them up and go when I travel. Didn't think about selling them. I got the pattern off Pinterest. Looks like these.
Are you not playing on WOYWW much anymore? Thanks for coming and visiting my desk this week. I am so late getting around but hey...I am here! Vickie

~Rasz~ said...

I miss doing craft fairs. Next year I will be back doing them. Don't you meet the nicest people at those fairs? Your table looks so colorful and inviting. I am glad you had a good time and the candles sound wonderful! And what a great meet with the lady from Santa Fe! When is the next fair for you? Big hugs! Rasz