Sunday, October 5, 2014

Infinity and Beyond!

Hello all my lovelies!  I hope you all had a wonderful week and the weekend has treated you well.  

I've been busy knitting, knitting, knitting.   After a hard day at work I truly enjoy sitting in my comfy chair and working on a project.  The motion and the clacking of the needles is meditative for me.  If I've had a bad day or am physically exhausted the needles and yarn relax me.  I love the textural feel of the yarn.  Everything about this wonderful craft is healing.

I finished my first infinity scarf.  It's a scarf that has no end and no beginning.  I enjoyed making it and have started on another.  I get to feel the wonderful yarn working it's way through my fingers and into a finished garment!
  Here it is wrapped around "Camille" three times.  
Wrapped twice.
Wrapped once.  Now, that entire wall is painted yellow -- I will definitely have to find a better location to take these photos!

This project is so simple all you need to know how to do is the knit stitch.  I used Loops & Threads Country Loom yarn in Magic Carpet.  The label classifies this yarn as Super Bulky (6) and use a size 13 needle.  The ball comes in 104 yards and is 100% acrylic.  Unlike some acrylics, this one is extremely soft to the touch.  The benefit is that it can be washed and dried!

Below is the pattern.  Give it a shot, you'll find it easy and fast!  If you do make one please let me know!

Kay's Infinity Scarf
Bulky yarn of your choice 
Size 11 needles (I had these and didn't want to look for size 13 - and it gives it a tighter weave)
Large needle for sewing together

Cast on 15 stitches.  You can cast on more/less depending on how wide you want your scarf.
Knit every row until you reach the desired length or until you have around 22 inches of yarn left.
Loosely bind off.
Being careful not to twist, line up the two ends and sew together.  I use the Mattress stitch method.
Weave in any ends that you may have.

Even though I didn't measure to see how long my infinity scarf is, I know it's MUCH taller than my 5'3" frame.  

I hope you enjoy.  Fall is definitely in the air here and it will soon be time to wrap yourself up in a lovely scarf!



dottielottie said...

Hi Kay, hope you are keeping ok and are feeling chilled after knitting your lovely scarf. The colour is gorgeous. I am going to show your post to my Daughter as she wants to learn how to knit and this pattern sounds ideal. Thank you for sharing.
Hugs Lottie x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I have an infinity scrap. Mine is fabric not knitted, but handmade. Thank you for reminding me about it. Soon it will be time to get it out as it is getting much too chilly for my lizard blood. Your knitted version is very lovely (and long!). Just reading about how soothing it is to knit was meditative!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

It is beautiful! I bet that I can make this easily with your great instructions.

Thanks, Kay!

Kathy M.