Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tierra Wools Festival

In northern New Mexico is a village call Los Ojos.   There's a weaving shop there called Tierra Wools.  It's been there for decades and continues the local tradition of shearing the sheep, natural yarn dying and weaving.   Their website is currently under construction - HERE.  Saturday was their Annual Festival.  I met some of my friends who have a little casita in the village for a day full of fun.
Me and Alyce
Here's some photos from the day.
Talk about old school - no electric shears used here!

The young woman singing grew up among the looms at Tierra Wools.  She now lives in San Francisco and came home for the celebration.  She has a beautiful voice.
I bought some natural dyed yarn.  She's putting it on a spool for me.
One of the many weavings for sale.
Thanks Alyce and Keith for a great day!
I have some more great photos to share about this day so will be doing some posts in the near future.



sandee said...

So they spooled it for ya right on the spot..did it make you all tingly? lol Poor sheep, he sure twisted up, but for a good cause cause I do like to stay warm in the winter! waving hi from the soggy hills of North Carolina ♥

Nan G said...

Gorgeous colors of yarn! What a fab way to soend fhe day. Where bouts is Los Ojos? I used to go to Raton for great Mexican food.

Brenda Brown said...

What a wonderful day. I love all dyeing processes and to see these yarns laid out in an array of colour is beautiful.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love that rainbow of yarns hanging up!! What fab photos, Kay..thank yu for sharing them with us :)

Hope you are well...any sniff of a house sale yet?
LLJ xxxx

Fandhmum said...

What a wonderful day you must have had. I'm not sure I could chooses between all those gorgeous colours,
Rosie x

Anne said...

Looks like a great day had. I love all the colours of the yarns hanging up. Anne x

S said...

It must have been a great day, because those are great pictures. They make me just want to reach out to touch all those textures.

Craftychris said...

ooh its likes you had a wonderful day. Those coloured spools of wool look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the photos xx

BJ said...

Oh love all the different colours of dyed wool, what a great place to visit. BJ